Nokia Is That You? HTC Evo Stops Bullet, Earns Owner A New HTC One

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Nokia Is That You? HTC Evo Stops Bullet, Earns Owner A New HTC One

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Today’s smartphones are more than just a piece of electronic equipment, they often are an all-in-one tool for business, entertainment and so much more. In rare occasions, they can even prove to be lifesavers.

The now extremely proud owner of an HTC EVO 3D smartphone can happily say the phone may have saved his life, as this week we’ve learned a recent robbery went south after a store clerk was shot. However, the good news is his trusty and aluminum EVO 3D smartphone reportedly stopped the bullet, and saved his life.

The man and a co-worker were threatened at gunpoint during a shift, with the robber demanding the contents of the petrol station’s safe, local news service WESH-TV reports.

When it transpired that the pair were unable to access the safe, the offender fled, firing a parting shot as he ran. The man only realised that he had been shot after the police arrived on the scene.

Complaining of chest pains, he lifted his shirt to find that his HTC EVO 3D has intercepted the bullet and prevented it from entering his body.

Three days after the incident was first reported, HTC tweeted the following :

So HTC send him, not only a brand new HTC One, they also included a “Glad You’re OK” care package that included, among other things, a Car Dock, an “On-The-Go Charging” Battery Bar, and a Hipster Troll Carwash (HTC) Mug .

In the past we’ve heard of Nokia devices saving their owners from stray bullets, and it looks like HTC is stepping up to the party now!

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