The 10 Most Interactive Websites On the Internet

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The 10 Most Interactive Websites On the Internet

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It’s the new age of marketing and companies have juiced every kind of media gimmick to promote themselves. It’s not only the online world, but all sorts of companies are looking to use new-age technology to attract more viewership. Now, interactive websites are the new ‘IT’ thing to advertise, as well as engage viewers with user-based interactive flash games.

Creating bespoke design and digital solutions help you glue the customers on your site. Here are 10 hand-picked websites that will glue your eyeballs to your laptop screens:

Hello Sour Sally


It is the first frozen yogurt store in Jakarta and their site is just so much fun! The site allows you to move “Sally” through a wonder world of ingredients. It is designed as a small game where you help sally collect all the ingredients to make the yogurt. Not the most easy to navigate, perhaps, but adorable. 

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