Google’s next version of Glass in Works

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Google’s next version of Glass in Works

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A few days back Google opened up the Glass program for everyone in the US with a valid credit card. While there were also reports of the Google Glass actually costing US $ 150 to build (which were later scrapped), it appears that the next version of Glass is already doing rounds of the RnD department.

Crystal Optech supplies Liquid Crystal on Silicon displays for the current version of Google Glass, Kong Wenjun of the company said that they were shipping newer displays for the next version of Glass.

Google has also involved a middle company in the purchase process which would help the Mountain View based search giant keep all of this under wraps. The latest version and the one we have is referred to as Google Glass Explorer Edition 2, which came out in October of 2013 and ships with a Mono Earbud.

While there are no specs or details or even a name available for the next version of Google Glass, it is also expected that Google will announce it at the upcoming I/O conference and this version may also be a public edition costing in the US $ 500 price bracket.

Google Glassware Gallery ( application store) also added new apps for Foursquare, TripIt and OpenTable making it a boon for the everyday traveller and connoisseur.

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