Top 3 Mind-Blowing Superhero Gadgets for the Real World

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Top 3 Mind-Blowing Superhero Gadgets for the Real World

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People have a lot of differences, but one thing everybody can agrees on is that Superheroes are freaking awesome. Of course you have the odd Aquaman who nobody cares about, but overall everybody has fantasized about having superhuman abilities.

Unfortunately, the laws of nature don’t allow us to possess those abilities. There are gadgets invented by crazy fans that come close to creating real life imitations from the virtual world.

We look at some of these kickass superhero gadgets that can even make a septuagenarian jump like a seven year old kid.

1) Colin Furze’s Airpowered Wolverine Claws: Now here is a badass invention. Stainless steel blades activated by a back mounted pressure cylinder. He has also posted the DIY tutorial on youtube, which is dangerous, and quite frankyly would be a stupid move to try and imitate. People might actually get hurt. If you do decide to build one for yourself keep it away from kids UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

2) Yves Rossi’s JetPack: This years best movie without a doubt is Captain America : The Winter Soldier. It turned the Captain from an idealistic dud into an idealistic badass. The biggest revelation of the movie though was Falcon. The insane flight movements definitely deserve the status of “Legen- wait for it -dary”!.
There is infact a real life Jetman by the name Yves Rossi. Check out the video below to see him in action.

3) Cyberdyne Inc’s HAL 5: Terminator fans must be squirming right now, but this stuff deserves a mention. HAL 5 is an exoskeleton which catches weak signals from your skin to let you take control of the suit. HAL 5 (Hybrid Assistive Limb) is claimed to augment body movement and increase user strength by up to ten times. Add some flight capabilities, some serious firepower and JARVIS and you got your own Iron Man Suit.
The best part? It is being used for human welfare purposes, subsequently taking the edge off the negative connotations of its name.

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