Google Play Store Beats iOS App Store in Number of Downloads, Lags In Revenue

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Google Play Store Beats iOS App Store in Number of Downloads, Lags In Revenue

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An app analyst at App Annie have compiled their data for Q2 2014 and have come out with the results. For the months of April, May and June, the Android Play Store has again surpassed the iOS App Store in terms of app downloads. In raw numbers, the Android Play Store registered about 150 million app downloads as opposed to 100 million app downloads against its iOS counterpart. This means a 60% increase from the previous quarter for Android, and a 45% increase for iOS.

App revenue, however, is a completely different story. iOS has a huge lead in this department with $100 million in app revenue as compared to $60 million for Android. Again, that is an increase of 45% for iOS from the previous quarter as against a 30% increase for Android. Now there can be a number of reasons for this, but the primary reasons being ‘free-medium’ apps on Android, which actually cost a few dollars on Apple’s iOS platform.

However, it is predicted by analysts that the Android Play Store will actually surpass the iOS App Store even in revenue by 2018. Android already dominates about 80% of the smartphone market, and app revenues are expected to reflect that soon.

In terms of app downloads by categories, both platforms are dominated by Games, Tools, Communication, Entertainment and Social applications. This is not news as these categories were dominant in the previous quarter as well.

The role of low-priced Android phones in emerging markets also makes a mark on these rankings. India jumped up two spots to claim the third overall spot in total app downloads on Android, behind the United States and Brazil. On the iOS platform, Japan, United States, South Korea, Germany and Taiwan continue to dominate the top five nations in terms of downloads.


Apple is presently preparing for the launch iPhone 6 which is said to be more expensive than the iPhone 5s, while on the other hand Google has recently announced the Android One, a cheap mobile platform for budget phone in India . It will be interesting to see how both companies with different marketing strategy compete with each other in this volatile technology market.

By Pranav Arora

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