Unlock Your Motorola Device With A ‘Digital Tattoo’

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Unlock Your Motorola Device With A ‘Digital Tattoo’

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 This is what we love about wearable technology. They keep on trying to simplify your life even further. This time it’s Motorola’s turn, and they have teamed up with a company called VivaLnk to create a ‘digital tattoo’ that unlocks your phone when you simply tap the phone against it. Yes, it’s that simple.

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Tap on the tattoo to unlock your phone without a password

Now Motorola says that an average user unlocks their device 39 times a day. Out of these, 50% find punching in their password/PIN too cumbersome, leaving their data and personal information exposed to theft and other malpractice. This was why they introduced the Motorola Skip last year. The Skip is a small clip that attached to any of your clothing, and unlocked your Moto X with a simple tap. The concept was simple, and it saved the user from the annoyance of typing in the password every time they wanted to use their phone. This ‘digital tattoo’ aims to take it a step further, using the same technology in an even simpler form.

The tattoo, as was the case with the Motorola Skip, uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to interact with your smartphone. The device recognizes it within a second, and forgoes the password entering stage to unlock your smartphone.

So basically put, the ‘digital tattoo’ is an ultra-thin NFC circuit, wrapped up in medical grade 3M adhesive that won’t harm your skin. It is also water resistant, and should be able to survive showers and exercise routines just fine.

A 10 piece pack comes with at a price of $10.

A 10 piece pack comes with at a price of $10.

While the $10 asking price for 10 such tattoos sounds like a fair bargain, prospective buyers should keep in mind that a single piece would last you only 5 days on a stretch, so that 10 piece pack optimally lasts you around a month and a half.

Another catch is that the tattoo currently works only with the Moto X. That is understandable, because every niche product is first tested with a limited customer base. If you’ve got any other phone, you’re going to have to wait, and still waste all of 2.3 seconds fumbling in your password each time you want to use your phone.

By Pranav Arora

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