uBeam to Bring Revolutionary Wireless Charging Technology to Market

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uBeam to Bring Revolutionary Wireless Charging Technology to Market

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Los Angeles-based startup uBeam is developing a wireless charging technology that will allow people to charge their devices without cords and without having to be right next to the charging station.

The uBeam system developed by Meredith Perry uses ultrasound and converts electricity into sounds, that are then transmitted by ultrasound to the required devices, charging them in the process.


Originally Perry studied astrobiology at the University of Pennsylvania with the goal of finding life on other planets. However during this process she accidentally stumbled upon the wireless charger technology to charge portable electronics using the ultrasound system. Perry explained :

“This is the only wireless power system that allows you to be on your phone and moving around a room freely while your device is charging. It allows for a Wi-Fi-like experience of charging; with everything else you have to be in close range of a transmitter. If wireless power is everywhere, then the size of your battery can shrink because it’s always charging. You’ll never need a cord again, and you won’t need international charging adapters.”

Ms. Perry’s company, uBeam, announced on Wednesday that it took an early prototype concept of this technology, first developed for Ms. Perry’s college innovation competition, and turned it into a fully functional prototype that the company now plans to build for consumers.

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The company’s technology converts electricity to ultrasound, which is then picked up by a receiver in the device, where the ultrasound is converted back into energy. The transmitters can fill a room with ultrasound, charging devices that are equipped with receivers (much as Wi-Fi can provide connectivity to an entire room). Larger transmitters are being developed for stadiums and other large spaces. uBeam’s charging technology is expected to enter the market within the next two years.

Check out their video here:

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