Smart Cap : A DIY Google Glass Replica Made For Only Rs.4500

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Smart Cap : A DIY Google Glass Replica Made For Only Rs.4500

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We love to get ‘inspired.’ Our Bollywood movies are predominantly ‘inspired’ by previous works by other filmmakers who in-turn get their inspiration from others. But sometimes these inspirations lead to some cool new inventions like a Google Glass replica that costs a meager Rs. 4500 in comparison to the hefty price tag of Google’s Augmented glasses.

Smart Cap 4

Though the Smart Cap looks rudimentary, it is quite functional

Now Cochin-based Arvind Sanjeev has invented the “Smart Cap” which is basically a nerdier version of the sleek Google Glass. Now we, of course, need to cut him some slack as he didn’t have huge monetary resources backing those researchers at Google X.

Arvind’s design though rudimentary is pretty functional. The raw materials that went into making the smart cap are easily available. The Smart cap uses a USB Webcam, an LCD panel, aspheric lens, headphones, a Raspberry Pi Board, a sun board sheet and glue which is a DIY guy’s favorite tool.

Now since creating an operating system would have been a long task, Arvind went with open Android as the OS for Smart cap. The front of the cap has the camera, the Raspberry Pi board, and 2.5 inch LCD display mounted on it. To make the LCD display legible at such close distance, he used an aspheric lens.

The Smart cap works by taking commands using the microphone on the headset. The device can help you with navigation, Google search, YouTube, webcam recording and first person viewing of other cameras, etc.

Smart Cap 1

Smart Cap can be used to access maps, send emails, take photos and more.

What is really appreciable is that he put the entire project in DIY and posted it for anyone to create their own smart cap. He has been doing this for a while and has uploaded several DIY tutorials. He also owns a start-up called A.R.S devices which make devices for automation, connected devices and safety purposes. He has in line for a hardware patent which will let you control your car using a smartphone app. Now that’s an app we’d all love to have.

Even though the Smart Cap is inspired by Google Glass, Arvind’s audacity and patience in creating this device is commendable. The value of DIY has always been to bring replicated expensive technology and attaining similar levels of functionality using cheaper alternatives. The Smart cap stands up to the value, and though it looks rudimentary, it is pretty dope, almost like a prop from a sci-fi movie about robots. So if you have the talent of DIY, then go ahead, get in the game and teach the world how to make some awesome stuff inexpensively.

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