Top 5 Android Games that you Should Download Right Away

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Top 5 Android Games that you Should Download Right Away

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Android app market (Play Store) is flooded with both paid and free game apps. Whether you want games that will last the length of a commute, or want to be lost in a port of GTA where you spend hours mowing down pedestrians and making money out of murder, there is a game on here for you. In the recent time most of the apps that are free usually feature in-app purchases adding premium offerings, which in some cases are not half bad e.g. Smash it!

We are listing top 5 Android games that you should download right away.

5. The Room Two ( Rs. 190)

room two

The Room Two, a sumptuously strange but an amazing puzzle game. You spend minutes at a time examining a series of locked boxes, hunting for keys and mechanisms, deciphering puzzles, searching for signs through your sinister revelatory eyeglass. When you find the right one and put it in the right place, what follows is gorgeously rewarding: keys turn, doors unlock, boxes impossibly unpack themselves and become different, weirder boxes, always with the exact perfect sounds for the movements as they happen. This is a game of incredible polish wonderfully suspenseful sound and graphic design.

4. Injustice : God Among Us (Free)


Not every type of game can make the seamless transition from a console or computer onto the touch screen of your Android device. Injustice: Gods Among Us being no exception to this. However, if you compare it with other android games, it is one of the best game out there. The graphics of Injustce: Gods Among Us are, without doubt, quite stunning. The characters are the highlight of the game. It’s amazing to get to  fight with some of your favorite superheroes (and villains).

 3.  Apparatus (Free)


It is one of the most addictive game you will ever play. Developers have done a good job by providing the Android world with such a creative and addictive game. You can create a complex structure from small parts and build a machine which can outclass other competitors in every respective field. Once you get hold of this game you won’t be able to put down your phone even for a second.

2. Chaos Rings II (Rs. 750)

chaos ring 2

 An amazingly beautiful fantastical world where life is at the brink of destruction, as usual, and the chosen one has to kill five people to save the world, and one of the five is an innocent child. Whether this hero can carry out his duty is the decision that lies in your hands. It is an exhilarating adventure ample for players of all ages who are devotees of science fiction and futuristic scenery. The game requires 1 GB of memory, so make sure you have it available before proceeding to download.

1 Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Rs. 390)

mordern combact

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the best first-person shooter on smartphones and tablets. You can create a squad, add your friends and test your individual and team skills against other squads in dynamic multiplayer warfare. Modern Combat 5 steals the show when it come to customization. Before a fight, or after dying, you can choose from Assault, Sniper, Heavy Assault, or Recon. Each of the classes has a number of weapons and accessories you can unlock by playing the game and gaining experience.

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