Android Wear Updates to Make Smartwatches More Independent

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Android Wear Updates to Make Smartwatches More Independent

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The biggest factor blamed for the slow adoption of smartwatches is their need to be connected with smartphones. This made them more of an accessory than an actual fully-functional device. Now the companies have sensed the need to detach the Smartwatch from the smartphone while keeping its smartness intact. Google plans to do the same with its Android Wear Operating system.

Google in talks with CNET said that the company plans to bring several updates for the Android Wear ecosystem. These updates will add additional features to the devices as well as cut the umbilical cord that feeds the wearables their features through the smartphones.

These updates will help decouple the Smartwatch from the Smartphone

These updates will help decouple the Smartwatch from the Smartphone

The updates are essential to providing independent features to these devices. Updates such as Bluetooth headsets support will let you hold your playlist on your watch itself so that you don’t need to lug around your huge smartphone when you go out for a run. In a GPS-enabled smartwatch, the GPS support will map your jog for you.

The updates will be rolled out on a regular basis and will roll out from next week. The first update is expected to advance the voice and navigation features of the smartwatches. One update that the customers will really look forward to is the one that will provide custom watch faces. This will offer the option to have customized watch faces that the users can select according to their liking.

There is still a lot of promise in this burgeoning tech segment. Smart wearables are where the companies are putting their money right now. If Google succeeds in bringing a standardized operating system that is appreciated by the people at large, it will be a big boost to the smartwatch category. Not only would there be a recognizable UI throughout, it will also help easily interconnect with the wide Android ecosystem.

It’s time Apple opened its cards on the long rumoured iWatch. The world is waiting to see if Apple can stop Android’s victory march midway.

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