HTC Updates Zoe launches new M8 Eye and Adds EYE to its Software Arsenal

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HTC Updates Zoe launches new M8 Eye and Adds EYE to its Software Arsenal

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HTC has updated its Zoe offering and added the new EYE camera features to its new lineup of devices and a software update will enable this on previous gen “Compatible” devices. With the new Eye software, HTC plans to improve front camera experience, it enables face tracing even on video calls to get crisp focus on your face.

HTC has launched a new HTC M8 Eye, which is essentially the same hardware as the HTC One M8 with the new Eye update. Which will be shipped out to existing M8 devices within 15 days according to HTC.


Combining simultaneous photos and videos taken on the front and back cameras into one split-screen image or video, something similar to the FrontBack App/ Crop-Me-In lets you be the creep in your own pictures by cropping yourself into your images or basically making “photoshop” like quick edits on the go.

Voice Selfie removes the need for awkward hand contortions by enabling you to trigger the shutter release with a simple command. Simply “say cheese” as soon as you’ve struck the perfect pose or trigger the video recording with “action” or “rolling” commands. HTC says they will allow customizations on this soon.

New HTC EYE adds earlier experiences such as face fusion, and Live Makeup, where you can set the desired level of skin smoothing and preview the effect in real-time before the image is captured.

The new Zoe comes with a live video editing App, which will allow you to fuse in your pictures and video along with music to create fun films on the go. HTC called these highlight reels.

Zoe 1.0 brings flexibility to the community, enabling short, medium and long Zoes that can be made up of just a couple of still images. HTC has enabled the streams from RE to be featured in Zoe video highlights are automatically generated and ready to share. Stay tuned for updates.

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