To Strengthen Android Security, Samsung Partners With Blackberry

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To Strengthen Android Security, Samsung Partners With Blackberry

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Smartphones are not just a communication device anymore. They are business gadgets and a storage for tons of personal information. With the number of revelations of hacking and stealing content from users phones and cloud account, security of the smartphones has become an important topic of discussion amongst all stakeholders. Samsung has decided to step up its game on security and has partnered with Blackberry for the effort.

Samsung’s own Knox was reported to have a flaw that apparently left the system ‘completely compromised.’ Here Blackberry can come really useful as it has been unanimously praised for having one of the best enterprise security.

This will also be a good opportunity for Blackberry to share the limelight with the global consumer electronics giant. Blackberry has had serious issues in the recent past with the rapid decline in sales.

Blackberry will provide its expertise to enhance the performance of Samsung’s Knox system. It will integrate its BES12 end-to-end encryption system with Samsung’s Knox. The offspring of this alliance will be introduced early next year.

The security option is essential for corporate and government sectors as they deal in sensitive information. These sectors also consume massive inventories from the companies so it would be important for Samsung to convince them of its security standard.

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