Say Goodbye to Paper. Welcome the NoteSlate

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Say Goodbye to Paper. Welcome the NoteSlate

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The NoteSlate was designed as an alternative to paper. This limited function tablet is currently in the concept stages but its designers claim a projected release date of June 2011. With a 13″ matte finish screen, the NoteSlate is the size of a regular A4 sheet of paper which reads and writes files in the .pdf format. All models except one are 1-bit colour, offering the choice of black on a white screen, or white, red, blue, or green on a black screen; the additional version features all four colours on black.



The user interface consists of three buttons: ‘save current screen’, ‘delete current screen’, and ‘view previous screen’. Basic hardware input (USB, headphones, and SD card) are located at the top of the device, along with a magnetic holder for the electronic pen with eraser. Streamlined for simplicity, the only additional features of ‘noteslate’ are optional wifi (without browsing capabilities) and mp3 playback. Its low-tech nature allows a single battery charge to provide 180 hours of use.



Such a device would be perfect for schools and colleges across the world as it would make it easy to write and share notes as well as reducing our carbon footprint.


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