What to Expect from Microsoft’s 21st January Windows Event

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What to Expect from Microsoft’s 21st January Windows Event

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Microsoft is holding a special Windows 10 event in Redmond on January 21st. The software giant has already rolled out invites to members of the press, asking them to be a part of the unveiling of “the next chapter.” The new OS is expected to bring new advancements in the consumer-end of the software. The 21st will give us the first glimpse into how Microsoft plans to compete in the consumer field of tablets and phones.

Let’s look at what we can expect for Microsoft’s January 21st event:


Windows Phone 10

It is no secret that Windows Phones so far has been a failure, with Android and iOS giving it a tough competition. According to IDC, Windows Phone holds petty 3% of market share which is the result of drastic dip in 2014. With Windows Phone 10, Microsoft is betting to change this scenario. The company is expected to take wraps off the first version of Windows Phone 10 on January 21. According to the reports, the next mobile OS will be a combination of the Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems. Microsoft is aiming to take advantage of its universal applications model to align its tablet and phone software to run the same apps across tablets and phones.


Windows 10

Windows 10, in particular, is a crucial tipping point for the company. It’s first and foremost an opportunity for the company to follow through on its promise to make good with consumers, many of whom were turned off by the company’s last version, Windows 8. The most important change in the next installment will be the unification of the OS’s touch and traditional software. Another significant change is the return of Start Menu which was eliminated in Windows 8.

In a recent tweet, Microsoft teased Windows 10’s ability to handle multiple desktops on a single device – saying that more is coming 1.21.15. Multiple desktops allows users to open a number of “virtual desktops” and spread their work out amongst them all – imagine them as virtual monitors you can flip between.

Microsoft will be presenting a consumer preview of Windows 10 on January 21

‘Spartan’ Internet Browser

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 internet browser, codenamed Spartan, is expected to debut with Windows 10 as a separate app along with Internet Explorer. Various leaks and rumors suggest that Spartan will be one of the major elements of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system and will come with some ground-breaking features which are currently missing in competing browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.


According to the reports, Spartan will include digital inking support which allows Windows 10 users to annotate a web page with a stylus and send the notes and annotations to a friend or colleague. It is also said that Spartan web browser will be heavily linked to Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant.

PC Gaming

A post on Xbox Wire noted that Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox unit, will be shedding light on Windows 10’s consumer experience, by including the role of gaming in consumer products.  According to the post, the company’s goal is “to help PC gaming flourish”, part of which will involve extending the Xbox experience across Windows 10 gaming PCs and other devices.


The company previously announced that Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12, which promises to help developers deliver better performance from hardware, in addition to bringing benefits to integrated graphics solutions such as Intel’s HD Graphics series.

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