Google Glass Finds New Userbase in the Airport Industry

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Google Glass Finds New Userbase in the Airport Industry

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Google Glass is one spectacular device which failed to find an audience. The Glass had received unprecedented hype and was almost touted to replace all our other devices. But the technology felt victim to the “Bluedouche” legacy as people with the glasses were seen as intrusive. Maybe the Glass was too nerdy and ahead of its time to find a mass appeal. But Google seems to have found a new arena where its futuristic eyewear can find utility and that arena is the airport.

Virgin Atlantic, one the major names in aviation had begun using the device mainly for its gate attendants. Now Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport is providing the Google Glass to its staff and security professionals. Airport staff can coordinate with ease and share the information using the device.

Google Glass is being used to research the behaviour of passengers to offer them more convinence in the future.

Google Glass is being used to research the behavior of passengers to offer them more convenience in the future.

The airport is also put an initiative on trial to assist the passengers by providing them the Google Glass. The camera records what the passengers are looking at and records their voices too. The data is recorded for research purposes. The research will try to find out ways to make the travel more comfortable by providing the right information to them.

Airports have previously absorbed technology that didn’t find enough takers in the market. One shining example is the Segway, which was supposed to replace all other forms of travel, but was rejected by the market. It became a great tool for security personals who get to move around quickly in the massive airport terminals. Google Glass seems to be getting its second life in the airport too and being a good piece of technology it might just find a way back to the consumers. Google is also working on “Glass for Work” initiative with which its exploring utilities to promote the device in the enterprise environment. The Glass is clearly not dead yet.

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