LG Showcases Low-Cost, Plastic Version of Google’s Cardboard VR Headset

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LG Showcases Low-Cost, Plastic Version of Google’s Cardboard VR Headset

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Virtual Reality headsets are the new tech every firm is betting on. But as it tuns out, none of them are available at a budget price – except one. At a mere $20, Google VR is super economical but it’s made out of cardboard. Quality would be no issue with the new VR headset by LG. The South Korean company has made a plastic version of the Google Cardboard that would be low in price. Called VR for G3, the headset will give virtual reality experience using the phone’s internal hardware.

lg vr

Based on Google Cardboard VR, the VR for G3 is a mere shell with lenses. The LG VR headset has three pieces which come assembled. A ring magnet like in the Cardboard VR headset sits on the left to select menu. A cutout on the back of the device reaches the volume rockers. Also, there are small cutouts for flash, laser autofocus, and speaker. The two slots are seen at the either ends, which can be used for a head strap.

lg gr 2

Just strap your phone in the headset and it will send you right in the virtual world. As its plastic, it will cost low, but it is speculated that it may be available for free. Meanwhile, there is no word about its availability and price, and users have to wait till the next announcement.

lg vr 1

Samsung released a Gear VR headset last year, but it costs $199. Not only this, one need to buy a Galaxy Note 4 as it is compatible with the Note 4 only.

The VR for G3 is definitely a good step to encourage the virtual reality concept to come into the mainstream.

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