LowRes Coder App for iOS Lets You Create Your Own 8-bit Games

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LowRes Coder App for iOS Lets You Create Your Own 8-bit Games

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Have you ever had a great game in mind but never could get it past the idea stage because you just didn’t know how? Well, there is an iOS app called LowRes Coder that allows you to create that 8-bit game you’ve always wanted to ever since you played Snakes and Space Invaders all those years ago.

The LowRes app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch provides you the tools to program retro looking games and demos, and you don’t need to be a programming genius to do so. With this app you can be the designer and the developer. It is a user-friendly way to create your very own game and run it on a virtual game console once you’re finished.

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The app uses basic programming language that is easy to understand. It is the “classic” language that programmers used a long time ago, and it is perfect for anyone who is keen on knowing how programming works. Consider it as a beginners guide to programming, if you may. The app uses three sound generators, 8×8 pixel sprites, 16 colours, and 64×64 pixels. It is inspired by 8-bit systems with an integrated BASIC interpreter and editor.

Have an idea? Run with it

Before you jump to a new page to start creating your codes, you need to know what to write. The app comes pre-loaded with games like Snake, Tennis, Racing, and Galaxy (some nostalgia for all). You can open any one of them and program more features into them, to make them more unique and fun. The sample lines give you an idea of how codes are written so that you can create your own game from scratch. If you’re new to programming this is a great way to learn the basics.

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See what others are creating

There is a big community of amateur programmers out there who just love to make their own hopping, jumping, slithering games. The app lets you publish your games on your own profile page, which is then visible by the community.  You can check out others games and have others try out yours. Its a great way to get ideas, inspiration, and share your passion for programming.

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What are you waiting for?

You’ve probably got an idea of what this app does for you. And if you are the curious type, you’ll appreciate an app that gives you the potential to one day, go beyond 8-bit gaming. This app won’t turn you into coding savants, but it’ll set up the basics. The app allows you to create new games and make changes to pre-loaded ones, which is pretty neat for a free version. Even if you’re not into coding right now, the app lets you play tons of games on the community, till you get an idea of how easy it is to make them.

The free download limits the amount of lines you can use to 24 (you can do a lot in 24), however, if your dream game is a little more complex than that, you can go for the full version via in-app purchase for $2.99. You can download the app here for iOS users. Code on, people.

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