Here is Why Uber has Become Uber Safe

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Here is Why Uber has Become Uber Safe

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It is shocking when one of the largest cab services in the world suffer a blow like Uber did in 2014, in India. The rape unnerved thousands and the company’s fortunes sank in a country where they had the largest following, after the US.


A year later, Uber has recovered and has come a long way from having a marred reputation. They recently revised their privacy policies and have resolved to tighten their riders security. There’s no room for worry because here’s why Uber just got safer and hence, cooler.

We care deeply about the privacy of our riders and drivers.  It’s why we’re always looking at ways to improve our practices.

[pullquote_right] the driver can access your personal data and past rides only if you wish. [/pullquote_right] Recently, Uber’s Katherine Tassi, who manages the Counsel of Data Privacy at Uber Technologies, announced that Uber has doubled the size of their privacy team and tightened the leash on their policies. That means three important benefits:

  • Uber will now make sharing background information of the rider, optional. This means that the driver can access your personal data and past rides only if you wish.
  • The texts that have been shared between the driver and rider will be accessible to the company so there is a limited scope of malicious activities.
  • It will also have an option to share your contacts with the app. This means that your friends and family can receive exciting new offers, if you wish to give Uber that information.

With their privacy and security in place, the app is likely to be updated on July 15th.



Unfortunately, India isn’t going to experience the other updates that have taken place. Uber has partnered with Spotify to bring your type of music to your cab ride, when you’re party hopping or just heading home on a regular day. It would’ve been great to have this feature as one can just connect their Spotify account to the music tab of their Uber app and listen to their favourite tracks, instead of balmy item numbers or loud Radio Jockeys. Hopefully, Uber will develop an alternative for their growing number of riders in India.

Lastly, many might not know that one can only book an Uber minutes or half an hour before they want a ride. This is very tricky for nervous travellers who want to be organised and book a cab at least a day in advance. You don’t want to bank on it if you have an early morning flight to catch. Nevertheless, if you do trust Uber showing up on time and if you’re a disorganised traveller, this feature wouldn’t bother you too much.

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