WhatsApp Is Rolling Out Four New Long Awaited Features

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WhatsApp Is Rolling Out Four New Long Awaited Features

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WhatsApp has a user count of over 1.5 billion across the world. It is one of the most popular applications on both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store; and has millions of active users at any given moment. In India alone, the application has over 400 million users. The company behind the popular chat app is starting to roll out four long awaited new features with its latest builds.

WhatsApp Inc, owned by Facebook, is rolling out the latest build in a staggered manner so most users may not immediately get the feature. 


Fingerprint Lock Feature

The features is not exactly a brand new addition to WhatsApp security functions. Earlier this year, iOS devices have already received the update that enabled this particular feature. Now, a whole seven months after, the feature is finally available on Android devices. In February 2019, iPhones had the ability to safeguard their app with biometric security either with FaceID or TouchID. The feature is cuurrently live with WhatsApp beta version for Android that are on the latest version 2.19.3 for those that wish to try it. A live build iteration is expected to arrive soon.


WhatsApp From Facebook

Previously, we had reported that Facebook the parent company behind WhatsApp and Instagram, wants to integrate the three social media platforms. It means that the company wants the user experience to be almost seamless with transitions in between any of its social networking services.  Users can find the “WhatsApp from Facebook” tag in the apps Settings section.

Frequently Forwarded

Ill natured users on WhatsApp have been accused on multiple occassions of facilitating the spread of fake and false news in India. Hence, it has been a considerable effort from the company’s part to fix the issue. One of the moves employed to curb the forest fire nature of false information was identifying such texts and labelling them with the “Frequently Forwarded” tag. It would allow indentification of how many times the message has been forwarded by alerting the user.


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Consecutive Voice Notes

One of the latest features being introduced is a real quality of life improvement in the user experience. The feature which was first seen in the iOS version of Whatsapp has the user no longer having to play consecutive voice notes manually. In simpler words, Users can now automatically play voice notes one after another seamlessly. Additionally, the chat app notifies the user with a sound after finishing one audio message before starting another.

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