YouTube Original Series Will Be Free To Watch From 24th September

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YouTube Original Series Will Be Free To Watch From 24th September

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YouTube is an app that is found in almost every smartphone and is enjoyed by most users. The website or app allows people to consume video content alongside music for free. Its business model is centred around ad revenue with ads people watch in between videos and such. For the most part, the app is a free service but does offer some paid services like Youtube Premium. Freshly, Google, its parent company has announced that is making the paid service free for all to watch.


YouTube Originals

The company had previously announced YouTube Originals which was introduced to make the platform similar to Netflix and other paid streaming platforms. In other words, users are offered a wide variety of movies and episodic series to choose from. However, the difference between the other services and YouTube Originals has now broadened. While Netflix employs a monthly subscription fee, Youtube is offering its Originals service for free. The service, until now, has been exclusive to Youtube’s Premium users but is now set to change. 

YouTube Originals

Weird City

YouTube Premium

YouTube has also added new features for Premium subscribers of its service to enjoy. It includes:

  • A new “Recommended Downloads” section in its app library.
  • It is now possible to switch between songs and music videos with a single tap.
  • The ability to download up to 500 songs from their Liked Songs list and other playlists

YouTube Originals

So How Do They Still Make Money?

How does a free service earn like Google, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube earn money? The answer is ads; most popular service out there run an ad-based revenue and YouTube Originals will also be loaded with them now. Previously, to the premium subscription, users had to shell out INR 129 a month which include:

  • An ad-free experience while watching videos.
  • The ability to run the app in the background.
  • Download videos at a higher quality.
  • Lastly, a subscription to YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Originals

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According to Google, every YouTuve Originals series released after 24th September will be available to everyone regardless of paid or unpaid status. However, premium users still receive a lot of benefits over the free users including:

  • The premium users are not bothered by ads.
  • Paid users get immediate access to every episode while paid users must wait for timed releases.
  • Get to enjoy the director’s cut and bonus scenes.
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