Windows Phone Users Can Finally Make Calls Via WhatsApp

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Windows Phone Users Can Finally Make Calls Via WhatsApp

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Windows Phones users were left behind in the race to get WhatsApp’s most coveted feature. They were disappointed when WhatsApp introduced the voice-calling feature for Android and iOS users in April. Today, they can celebrate as the popular messaging app has enabled voice-calling for devices supporting Windows 8 and above.

WhatsApp first introduced the voice-calling feature in March for Android users. In April, the feature was rolled out in an update for iOS users.

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Voice-calling will be made available in the version 2.12.60. The feature allows WhatsApp users to call each other for free using the Internet. Users have noticed that the interface is similar to the one used by Android for making regular calls. WhatsApp previously allowed users to make regular calls from the app itself, which has since been replaced by its own call-making feature.

Although smartphone users were thrilled to be able to make VOIP calls through their favourite messaging app, they soon realised it wasn’t that big a deal. The feature is still not popular in India due to slow internet connectivity.

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