Here’s What We Know About Windows 10 So Far

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Here’s What We Know About Windows 10 So Far

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Windows is by far one of the most widely used OS in the world. It’s also known that Windows XP has been the most popular version of Windows, to the length that it took two years for Windows 8.1 to surpass XP. With Windows 10, Microsoft has taken a multi-platform approach, meaning that your Xbox, phones and other Microsoft products will run on the same OS.

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to make Windows 10 available worldwide. From free upgrade to new features, the company has been building up the hype for its new OS day by day. Still, existing Windows users are still confused about certain things like, whether they are eligible for free upgrade or when can they get Windows 10.

Here’s what we know about Windows 10 so far. We hope that we are able clear your doubts.

Am I eligible for free upgrade?

The most frequent question riding on Windows users’ minds, to which Microsoft has changed its answer from time to time. First, it was reported that anyone who uses a copy of Windows 7 or 8.1, genuine or not, will get a free upgrade. The company changed its statement saying that the users using pirated version will not get free upgrade.


If you use a genuine copy of Windows 7 or 8.1, you will get a free upgrade. You can simply click on the Windows logo on the right side of the taskbar and reserve your free upgrade.

If you use a pirated version of Windows 7 or 8.1, you will not get a free copy of Windows 10. There is a way to get a free copy though. If you decide to install a preview version of Windows 10 as part of the ‘Windows Insider’ program, you will get a free upgrade as long as you keep receiving the pre-release updates. If you install the preview version, upgrade to the final version on July 29th and then opt-out of pre-release updates, you will not receive the free copy.

When will I receive my free copy of Windows 10?

If you are a regular Windows 7 or 8.1 user, and have registered for your free copy of Windows 10, you will not receive it on July 29. On that day, Microsoft will roll out the new OS to the Windows Insiders. Since the majority of the world has registered for the free upgrade, it is obvious that not all of them will receive it on the same day. That is why Microsoft will start notifying reserved systems in parts, which means you will get your free copy of Windows 10 after you have been notified post July 29.

How do I register for my free Windows 10 upgrade?

You will see a Windows logo on the right side of your taskbar. Click on the logo will open up a window. Click ‘Reserve your free upgrade’ and enter your Microsoft Account ID. Select the menu and choose ‘View Confirmation’. If this window appears, it means you will be notified about your free upgrade:

windows 10

How much space is needed for Windows 10 upgrade?

According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 upgrade requires only 3GB of space. How much time it takes to download 3GB will depend on your Internet connection.

 Will I lose my personal data after I upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft says that your files and applications will be safe. However, we recommend you to create a backup of your personal files. As far as softwares are concerned, applications like anti-virus will be uninstalled during the update while keeping its settings. If you have a current subscription, Windows will reinstall using the preserved settings.

Now that your basic doubts have been cleared, we hope that you and us will enjoy Windows 10 when it comes on 29 July.

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Adarsh Pal Singh

Typing from Windows 10 Insider Preview on VIrtualbox. I ditched Windows a long time ago and have been using Ubuntu since. Microsoft has copied a bunch of features from Linux but one thing they can’t copy is the security and stability of Linux distros…..


Will windows 10 show option to “go to previous version of Windows” while starting computer?

Shresth Kapoor
Sathish Yadav

I am fedup with Windows 8.1 and don’t have energy to try 10,as only Pokki start menu shell is implemented in the baseline of Windows 8.1, using Windows 7 but Windows XP was best when we talk about Windows Explorer and user friendly fast UI

???? ??????

I agree with you but some prerequisites r required to kw it better.
I think the prblms users came across when upgrading to Windows 8 shud nt be repeated, cuz at that time, it was not as advertised as Windows 10 is going through.


gornirav1995 iGyaan Yes you will get windows 10 update only if all the available updates are installed.


iGyaan my laptop is running on windows 8 genuine version
Is it necessary to upgrade to 8.1
Will windows logo appear on win8 on right side

Subharthi Das

What about the windows phone? When am I gonna get an update for my lumia?

Bikram Singh

I dont know why you keep anticipating stuff. Keep calm iGyaan waalo they are making it for people and everyone will get to know it once its launched.
Its a waste of time spent anticipating. While final version is always different than these rumors.

Kaizaad Banaji

Lim Banaji Sahas Goud