Five Amazing KickStarter Projects That Need To Be Crowd Funded Right Now

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Five Amazing KickStarter Projects That Need To Be Crowd Funded Right Now

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Crowdfunding has transformed the way people do business. Now, inventors do not have to hunt down big time investors or established companies to create life to their ideas. Now they can turn to the wisdom (and wallets) of the general populace to get started. Namely, sites like KickStarter, where the crowd are the inventor’s financial help.

Kickstarter allows ideas to be funded via crowd-funding. Members ‘pledge’ amounts of money in return for a creative award from the inventor.

Let us see some of the KickStarter projects that definitely need crowd-funding:

The Light Phone

The Light Phone

It’s difficult to assume anything that comes close to how swiftly humans have completely fallen for their mobile devices. If you have a separate smartphone just for work, why not have another just for life?

You can now leave your distracting device at home and take your credit card­sized cell phone out for work. The Light Phone uses the simple call­forwarding function of the phone to connect calls from your smartphone.

It’s what a phone was always meant to be – it receive and makes calls. You have no Wi-­Fi, Bluetooth, texting or apps. There won’t be any voicemails or missed ­call display as a reason for you to keep checking your Light Phone. And yes, it can also make a great first phone for a child too. No selfies or texting! Sounds great!

Kickstart the Light Phone here



Yes, we all have stylus in some of our phones, but there’s just something about writing on a smartphone screen that feels very out of this world. And, of course, there is always the­ reliable paper­ and ­pen option too, but, a soft­ copy is most reliable and easy when it comes to conveying messages these days.

Presenting Phree, the world’s first unrestricted, high ­resolution, write­virtually­-anywhere mobile input device. Be it on the wall, or the elbow of your sofa or your hand, Phree connects to all your media devices via Bluetooth and is compatible with software and apps, such as Office, OneNote, Acrobat, Viber and more. Just jot down notes and numbers immediately, or doodle on the spot. The whole world is your paper!

Kickstart Phree here



CHIP is the tiniest and the cheapest computer ever made. We are talking $9, and the size of two AA batteries here.

For all the tech geeks, it sports a 1GHz processor, 512MB ram and 4GB storage. It has built-­in Wi-­Fi and Bluetooth, so you can connect to the Internet and can also attach a keyboard and a mouse wirelessly. It runs Linux, and works with any screen too!

It comes pre-installed with applications such as LibreOffice to edit spreadsheets, create word documents, or craft presentations. Or Scratch for easy-­to-­learn programming and coding lessons. Hook up Bluetooth­-enabled controllers for games, or a MIDI keyboard for jamming music. CHIP is a little guy ready for bigger things the moment you power it on.

Kickstart CHIP here



When you hear the words ‘water’ and ‘phones’ together, “get it away from my electronics!” is usually the first sentence that springs to mind. But Trago wants to bring in water and technology together in the world’s first intelligent water bottle.

We all know the value of water to our health, but most of us do not keep track of how much water we should be drinking. It is important because optimal hydration levels are different for everyone, Trago follows your precise needs through simple inputs in an app, through your smartphone. Ultrasonic technology situated in its cap measures your water consumption and encourages you to complete your daily water requirement, via periodical reminders.

Kickstart Trago here


There is nothing more excruciating and painful than the sharp­ screech of the alarm clock in the morning. Most people start their day repeatedly hitting the snooze button and still wake up drowsy.

But what if you have the option of waking up to the heavenly aroma of coffee? SensorWake, the world’s first olfactory alarm clock, spreads a perfect amount of scent that can wake you up faster than you can say, “Not a morning person.” Plus, it is a scientifically proven theorem.

Kickstart SensorWake here

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