Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus Might Now Have Wireless Charging

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Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus Might Now Have Wireless Charging

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The Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 5 plus have already been the talk of the town, in recent times. While everyone anticipates its release into the market, the China based firm has let out yet another secret that will come as an exciting new upgrade to its devices.

Apart from the phones releasing tomorrow, which is good news enough, the Mi 5 and Mi 5 plus are likely to have wireless charging as the company revealed an image on social media sites, asking its fans to ‘take guesses’ on what is going to be unveiled tomorrow.

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While it is clear that the Mi 5 and Mi 5 plus will be reasonably priced (not more than 30,000 thousand rupees), this new speculated feature will surely add a competitive edge to the devices as we saw Samsung playing its wireless charging card earlier, this year.

The Mi 5 and Mi 5 plus are touted as the most anticipated phones of the year as there have been many rumours and leaks regarding their specs as well as the release date. Xiaomi released the Mi 4i, this May and sold a staggering 40,000 units within 15 seconds due to its raging popularity.

Hence, we are presumably excited about the launch of the Mi 5 and Mi 5 plus. Let’s see how Xiaomi fares with the coming of these devices.

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Chandan Shewani

Chaturbhuj Bathija

Sydney Ferns

I would like to know why is xiaomi power banks(10500&16000mah) not able in India(out of stock) but available in US?
Isn’t India a attractive market than US?
Y this discrimination for Indian citizens and consumers who want to buy their product?
What’s so special about US based consumers?
This really embarrassing from my point of view towards Indian consumers,who may be in need like me for a decent powerbank.
They are not only encouraging black market but also spoiling their reputation in this way.
Please ask Xiaomi these questions

Paresh Rajput


Rohan Arya

<3 Looks awesome