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LG Optimus 2X Review

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The First dual core smartphone in India, But does it have what it takes to stand up against the ever heating competition. Lets find out.


This is possibly the best phone from LG’s stable when it comes to build quality. The mix of materials is nice, so nice infact, that you wouldn’t make out that its an LG if we covered the branding. A very nice mix of soft touch back with steel and alloy bezel, a tapered gorilla glass that sumps down on the sides to give a fantastic feel of the device. Buttons are nice and tactile, only the top HDMI connector is kind of flimsy. But apart from that, top to bottom, front and back this device is constructed well.


The Optimus 2X has an interesting mix of specifications, A dual core 1Ghz Tegra 2 Processor. A 480×800 pixels LCD display, An 8 MP camera, 8GB internal space, the usual Wifi Bluetooth etc, 3G, HSDPA and a 1500 mah battery. These specs put it right in the top few of this year  when it comes to performance knock-ers.


The device is designed to perform when it comes to still images, with one of the best possible cameras we have ever seen on a mobile device the 8MP camera took the liberty to deliver good quality images even when the situation didn’t demand it. The low light performance of the camera is phenomenal and we were able to achieve some good low light shots, indoors.



Video quality on the other hand is a baby on its own dimensions. The 1920 x 1080p video at 24fps is poor and choppy, 720p video is fairly better at 30fps but still turns out choppy and jittery. The camera also boasts video -digital zoom, which does not perform well either, see sample below.



Speaker on the Optimus 2X is not as loud as we would like it to be, sound is not loud enough we believe and sometimes can ruin the experience. The device otherwise is a multimedia powerhouse, like any other android device. It also has an inbuilt 8GB of storage from the get go and a 32GB expansion slot make it a paradise situation for data-media hungry users.

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The display does its job in the multimedia section and the overall experience is almost disturbance free. Movies play like a charm and gaming is good if not excellent. There are no touch response or accelerometer issues so you wont find yourself complaining on those vital facts while interacting with the device or many of the thousands of apps.



The phone aspect of the device is brilliant and there were  no issues in that, the network was strong and sound from both the earpiece and mic was excellent coming in and going out. This fact is also unlikely of an LG phone, where people often complain of network issues. The bars were strong, even while in transit, and we can safely say the device delivered more than we expected.

Messaging is simple for those with a knack of touch screens, the touch keyboard is reminiscent of design hues from the Apple iPhone keyboard, so is fairly fast and efficient, the touchscreen is responsive so you wont find yourself struggling. Whats more you can always install the various keyboards from the marketplace : Read Swype.


We don’t know what LG did, we really don’t. Despite packing the best possible specs for a price thats realistic and affordable by those looking to buy serious smart-phones. The LG Optimus 2x fails to deliver. The UI is slow and buggy, and the overall interface reminds us of those cheap chinese made phones that are forced to run android on them. The NVIDIA Tegra processor was not exploited by LG it seems and in a hurry to reach the market before others they got stuck in poorly processed Hardware. The software integration  to exploit the dual core systems is not seen properly in Android 2.2 froyo(os that ships with the device) you will see the device hang , crash, and bore you in many instances in the main UI, while working just fine within apps. LG really needs to roll out a software update fast if they expect to sell this handset in the market.


The LG Optimus 2x is there but not there, its awesome but a little boring. The device packs specs but does not integrate them. Hardware is not the key, Even a certain fruit company (read: Apple) has shown us time and again its not always about the hardware, its how usable you can make the product at the end of it. With the LG Optimus 2x you are just left hanging by a thread feeling incomplete. Despite holding a mammoth device you don’t feel confident.

iGyaan says : Give the Optimus 2X a nice wave goodbye, because you cant expect performance from a device that fails you from the get go.

[xrr rating=2.5/5 label=”We Rate The Optimus 2X : ” imageset=shiny_yellow_star display_as=fraction_stars]


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kazim rizvi

This guy is not right……
But i heard that the battery life is poor..   Can anyone has used it..??
Please tell me me coz im gonna buy this phone..


its a great phone . the person reviewing phone is beep…………..

P Singh3086

worst battry life.. fully charged battery finsihed within night in idle mode.

Wi-fi, You have to restart your phone if you want to enable. This is phone is sucked me.


i got totally depressed..worry dat i cant use bad wrds,..otherwise..beep beep..any 1 to buy this fone frm me??
call 9711605362

anurag sinha

what a pathetic review… were u paid by the rivals of lg…??? dude optimus 2x z much better than any other phone in the market today… great processor, great looks n great battery backup. i love this phone n urge all others to buy this phone. it has no problem whatsoever. lg ROCKS :D


Hello he said that Galacy S2 is far better than this phone and it really is…


this is the best phone my dad has ever bought me in all the 23 uears i have been on this lovely planet. i wish has enough money to buy this phone one moee time.

anurag sinha

great phone dude… n the review doe not do justice to phone at all… :P

dr sukreet

this review is rubbish….the optimus 2x is awesome….its the best selling phone in uk …..has praised reviews all over world except for this nut of a writer….how much money were u paid to do this…? 

anurag sinha

agreed… review z biased :P
great phone :)


review is more like its completely against LG………..


Agree that the stock ROM is pretty bad.. Had used it for 2 weeks and then flashed CM7 and this thing literally flies.. 


so which 1 should i buy optimus 2x or nexus S?

kazim rizvi

I am also confused between them…  which one to buy??

Bharath kumar

Nova Display? Are you sure?


this is not what we r waiting for,we r waiting for samsung galaxy s 2 full review….plz do it as soon as possible …i m waiting for ur review to buy it