Samsung Galaxy S7 Could Launch in January

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Could Launch in January

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According to reports that have emerged from South Korea itself, Samsung is expected to launch its new Galaxy S7 in January. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge had been unveiled in March this year. Therefore it’s assumed that the next Samsung flagship would hit the markets at least an entire month before March next year.

This news comes in the wake of other companies having released their own flagships over the past couple of weeks. Samsung is likely to be facing the pressure of the competition, especially by the likes of the new iPhones, launched last month.Galaxy-s7

Furthermore, it is rumoured that there will be two variants of S7 -premium and sub-premium -designs which had already been finalised in September.  The processor and modem is expected to be on a single chip for the premium model’s Exynos chipset, while on different ones for the sub-premium model.

Leaked information have also mentioned three different chipset variations used in the Galaxy S7, along with 3D Touch-like features and a USB Type C port. Sit tight until we get more updates on Samsung’s newest smartphone.

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  • Salahuddin Kakar

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    Cmnnn fast .Iam waiting for this

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    Stop writing up this clickbait bull.

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    Another samsung fiasco

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    I SWEAR!! It’s high time!!!!! :D :D

  • Moiz Bhatti

    Galaxy s7 front 10 mp
    Primary 30
    Moto droid turbo 21
    Xperia Z5 23
    Tough competition
    Moto is ready in 2016 to beat s7

  • Hammad Gohar

    This is fake ……..

  • Raheem Afzaal

    Beautifullllllll nyc phone

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    Ye wala phr tu le lein :p

  • Shubham Khurana

    Ab s6 aega 30 me

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    How did you already get to know the shape of the phone?

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    You must be kidding me! That’s the worst design for a samsung phone!

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    Mrinalini Das time to get back at Yashoda xD

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    rate kamm ho jaayenge na iske … isliye tab lunga U0001f61c

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  • Rahul Gahlawat

    Ppl are like wow this phone looks cool.. R u nuts.. Samsung doesn’t provide good built fr any of its phone so y nw.. Its jst a image

  • Harsha Samtani

    Check if it’s true Harsh Agrawal

  • Tanuj Kapoor

    every month new phone U0001f602U0001f602

  • Kartikay Sharma

    Samsung is a joke these days launching 20 phones a year not providing the updates and above this launching their devices at mid 50 and then after 4-5 months these devices sell for 35k or less..

  • Farzana Sathi

    Shape of this phone is excellent though Samsung is phone of public ( am-jonota)

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    The new design is cool

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