Apple Owes 30% of Last Quarter iPhone Buyers to Android Switchers

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Apple Owes 30% of Last Quarter iPhone Buyers to Android Switchers

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Following the official announcement of its revenue and profits for the fourth quarter, Apple reported that one third of iPhone buyers during the quarter had been using Android devices before the switch. The company also claims this shift to be the largest ever since they started tracking people’s movements from one OS to another, three years ago.Apple and Google

Needless to say, Tim Cook is more than just glad about the news, especially in the light of the lukewarm response the new iPhones have received since their launch in September. Cook comments on the switch of so many users to iOS and says,

“That number is the largest that we’ve ever recorded since we began measuring it three or so years ago. It’s a huge number and we’re very, very proud of that number.”

No doubt this movement has been one of Apple’s goals for a while now and the company has left no stone unturned in achieving it. The recent ‘Move to iOS‘ app of the company which allowed users to switch their Android devices to iOS is one such attempt.

The fourth quarter ended on the 26th of September, which means it could include only two days of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales. With the new iPhones not faring as well as Apple expected or would have preferred, it would be interesting to see Apple’s report for the next quarter. There will be more colourful bits of news for both Apple loyalists as well as haters once that report is made public. Hold your breath until then.

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  • Goverdhan Patel

    Well everyone makes a mistake once in a while.

  • Kaushik Madhu

    wow i got 30,000 likes thanks to ^_^ Www, AppleLiker ,COM

  • Harkiran Kaur

    wat abt lumia ;)

  • Anarki Daniel

    This whole thing is Marketing strategy. So i don’t see any winning is this Game

  • Dhaval Kodrani

    before that quarter 60% people switch from iOS to android, so the actual turnaround is 50% only :P

  • Sarthak Jolly


  • Divyansh Kumar

    WELL! it good also a good reason for apple to cut their prices

  • Aman Arora

    east or west
    android is the best U0001f44cU0001f44cU0001f44cU0001f44c

  • Omkar Jambhale

    Manasi Surve :P

  • Sannik Dey

    Mmm…that’s a good news for Android and bad news for iPhone makers. -_-

  • Sajal Tdkr Shekhar

    thats true even m gonna do that coz its funny to say d os updates in android r hanging a lot too even d nexus!!!!

  • Shlok Gupta

    Which model u have ? And which android version u have ?

  • Darshak Mehta

    Dude it may b android switch but true switch over is mainly due to NO REGULAR UPDATE OF samsung/sony/htc/mi

  • Moiz Bhatti

    I have Motorola I have no android update
    It says update up to date

  • Shlok Gupta

    Dats bcoz nexus maintains stock android…
    Dats why its easier to update the device…
    Other companies customize it..
    Motorola maintains stock android so its devices gets fast update
    So basically its companies fault nt androidzz

  • Rahul Nash

    Stupid android can`t even give proper updates. Until you buy there nexus -_-

  • Sally McGregor

    All android users are implying that Apple paying these pages to promote convention like it’s a religion! And why u r soo jealous about iPhones sales ? Android empire is falling apart both backberry and Sony declared to terminate the phone division if not profitable in 2016

  • Saquib Hussain

    I don’t know.
    Keep them both. U0001f601
    I’m telling you, doing away with all these connecting devices is the best idea, actually. U0001f62f

  • Zain Ahmed Khan

    And switch back to android after a year ? :p
    Imma get myself a Symbian phone xD

  • Saquib Hussain

    Come on, get one for yourself too. U0001f61d

  • Zain Ahmed Khan

    Shahid Rules :P Saquib Hussain

  • Vishal Maheshwari

    lol Igyan badly trying.. for iPhone yo do good

  • subhramani

    igyaan Dafuq?!

  • Javed Gadag

    I think its reverse…!

  • DheerajDoctor9

    igyaan i am one of them

  • Shuvo Howlader

    ow…….that’s a good news