MPAA Shuts Down Online Streaming App Popcorn Time

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MPAA Shuts Down Online Streaming App Popcorn Time

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For those of you who secretly watch all the trending TV Shows and movies via online streaming sites such as Popcorn Time – its doomsday for you. Popcorn Time and YTS have been shut down following court orders in Canada and New Zealand.

Popcorn Time Screenshot

This isn’t something that has come as a shock, because the Motion Picture Association of America or MPAA had filed a suit back in October against three operators of, claiming that they had “enabled, authorized and induced copyright infringement via an app that allowed viewers to watch pirated movies and TV shows”.


In Canada, they received an injunction on the 16th of October to shutdown the site while in New Zealand they filed a suit on the 12th of October 2015  against YTS, which is a torrent site. Both sites have therefore, been shut down as the legal procedures continue.

All you can do now, is hope and pray the MPAA don’t get to your favorite site next.

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  • mohasley

    Great article. I also suggest looking closer at

  • Wynden Ko

    Sht i knew it

  • Stephanie Farkas

    Also there’s 2 popcorn time. Download the other

  • Stephanie Farkas

    What no. I just used it tonight

  • Channing Tang

    Wynden Ko rip

  • Cee Jay

    Popcorntime downloads the movie while I watch

  • Va Nessa

    Oh no!! :(

  • Matt LeBlanc

    Andrew Sanford nooooo

  • Brando Holland

    Va Nessa bye bye popcorn :(

  • Kurvin Soobrayen

    i know :(

  • Deanna Fiedler


  • Danika Bell

    mine still works :/

  • Wilfred Pow

    Tony HongYi Qu fk

  • Jodie Huang

    Nooooooooooo U0001f629 y do bad things happen to good ppl

  • Holly Dixon

    Eric, it was $8 on the military base I was stationed at just over a year ago. I’m sure it was more than that but since I haven’t went to the theaters in my area, I don’t know the exact price.

  • Darcy Griffin

    Apparently it’ll be back up under a new name soon?

  • Stacy N Chin

    Oh so that’s why it wasn’t working….. NOOOU0001f623

  • Cindy Szikora

    No big loss, Kodi is better anyways.

  • Daniel Ling

    Stacy N Chin ur in troubleeee

  • Dipanjan Ray

    I am more sad by the news of aka yify torrents shutdown.

  • Abdul A Basade

    UK version is working…

  • Mike Sundvik

    Bailey Woods Nooooooooooooooo

  • Evening Breeze

    Many other sites LOL

  • Eric Brooks

    Where do people go to the movie theater for $8 these days – double that at least!

  • Jay Chitalia is a very good alternative.

  • Jeff Tkachuk

    its still up

  • Diana Tran

    Mahgol Zahedi Ali Zahedi uh oh

  • Mannu Amrit

    I know :'(

  • Thearrel McKinney

    “Both for-profit organizations and non-profit institutions must secure a license to show films, regardless of whether an admission fee is charged.” They aren’t exempt from anything, it is piracy, plain and simple.

  • Erynn Fisk

    Just google popcorn time new version :)

  • Erynn Fisk

    There’s a new version Noor. I downloaded it this week

  • Stephen L Wiseman

    EZTV says they are.

  • Matt Smith

    Anyone else not hear of this site before now?

  • Trevor Foster

    Called reviews morons

  • Lisa Marie

    Ohhhh good to know. I’m gonna tell Karen cuz she was using it.

  • Thearrel McKinney

    Chris Tout There was nothing wrong with my analogy. The point was about people expecting things for free to see if they are worth paying for or not which is what pretty much all pirates claim about movies, music and video games. You can’t buy a cookware set, make a copy then return it. You can with movies, music and video games which is why there is a no return policy. People would just buy, make copies and return all day getting them for free.

  • Jay Soni

    Manan Patel is this the one you use?

  • Michael Lefebvre

    Thats funny i just used it

  • Lianne Lavergne

    Boo….this site was so well made. Maybe they can offer it at a nice cheap rate like 5 bucks a month. I’d buy it.

  • Byran Koback

    So lame, Maria. I am uninstalling it. :(

  • Steven Laxen

    Movie makers and producers need to make money somehow! That’s what copyright is for….
    It sucks and needs change radically (because it suppresses the freedom of range for artist talent and creativity), but it’s the only sort of generally accepted bureaucracy to market media and the arts without having to get the government involved (i.e., turn it into an incorporated business).

  • Melyssa Cardarelli

    Lisa Marie this is why I didn’t go for that site #sketchy

  • Daniel O’Sullivan

    Are they ???

  • Alfred Baker

    Streaming Sites are excluded from Copyright Infringement Laws because you are not Downloading the File.

  • Larry Palmer

    We,ll open a new site.

  • Chris Tout

    Thearrel McKinney The problem with your analogy is, that you can return almost anything in the world for a full refund, except movies and music. That’s why no one wants to shell out the cash for crap they can’t return.

  • Steve Crowley

    Most of the movies I would not buy any way. Only one I have bought is the Hunger Games. The movie follows the books fairly well. I would like to watch before I buy. Just like shoes off of the internet, what if they don’t fit.

  • Jimmy Clifton Faust Jr.

    Screw the mpaa

  • Stephen L Wiseman

    YTS YIFY are already back.

  • Thearrel McKinney

    Not really. Sites like Popcorn Time offer a way for people to watch pirated movies in which they do not own the rights and licenses to stream said content owned by other studios. It isn’t about trying to save the consumer some $$ on movies they may not like. What they should have done instead of doing things the illegal way since they obviously had the ability to have such a site, is go the legal way and do something similar to Neflix, Hulu or Crackle. Pirates always say they should be entitled to watch and entire movie or play through an entire game for free to see if it is worth buying. Doesn’t work that way. That’s like walking into Walmart and saying, well I should be given this Paula Dean cookware for free because I want to see how well my hamburgers turn out to see if it’s worth buying. Buying things is a risk the consumer takes. Always do research before buying a product.

  • Cory Diebold

    Just gonna get it somewhere else, lol.

  • Holly Dixon

    That’s what I usually say. I don’t want to shell out $8 to go see a movie that’s all hype only to realize you just blew it on a stupid movie not worth it and could have spent the money better elsewhere (like save it to get that new pair of shoes you’ve been eying all month).

  • Easton LeMon

    Plenty of other websites that get the job done so doesnt really matter.

  • Michelle Ariadna

    I just called you. Answer

  • James R. Smith

    Sites like Popcorn Time offer a way for people to see movies and decide if they are worth buying rather than relying on hype and marketing and getting stuck with movies they don’t like.

  • Holly Dixon

    Doesn’t matter anyway really. There will always be alternatives. That’s the cost of the internet being available to literally every human person on this planet. Am I condoning it? No. But as the saying goes, if there’s a will, there is a way.
    Now if there’s a place to convert old Disney VHS and IMAX VHS tapes to DVD for a decent amount of money, then you have my full attention. Because I’m not about to shell out twice the amount of money for each DVD to buy them all again. My library is far too vast for that.

  • Angelique Field

    They shut down a couple of weeks ago. I doubt this particular lawsuit has affected it. They’d already decided to trash the project, this isn’t really news.

  • Jacob Lamb

    We’re doomed to Netflix.