Moto X Force With its Crack-Proof Screen is All Set to Hit the Indian Markets

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Moto X Force With its Crack-Proof Screen is All Set to Hit the Indian Markets

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Last month we had reported about Moto X Force arriving in India in November. And now, Motorola has announced an imminent release of the Moto X Force in the country. The phone, famous because of its ‘crack-proof’ screen, will soon hit the Indian markets.

The country head for Motorola India, Amit Boni said in an official statement that the smartphone will soon arrive in India. This news follows a global press release where Motorola had mentioned that the Moto X Force, launched as Droid Turbo 2 in the US last month, would come to India in November. The smartphone is expected to hit the market with its current price tag of $624 (Rs. 40,000 approximately) and $720 (Rs. 47,000 approximately) for the 32GB and 64GB variants respectively. Moto X Force

On the specs front, Moto X Force packs a 5.4 inch Quad HD display with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-core chipset along with 3 GB of RAM. The two internal storage options of 32 GB and 64 GB are expandable up to 2 TB with the help of a microSD card.

The highlight of the device is its super-hardy screen. Motorola claims to have integrated a ‘Moto Shattershield’ technology in the display of Moto Force which, it says, is the first shatterproof screen in a phone ever. The company feels confident enough to affirm the screen would stay intact for up to four years, owing to the multiple layers of different materials used in making it capable of absorbing shock and providing protection against cracking. The phone also boasts of two touchscreen layers, which make sure that the smartphone can be used even if one of the layers is cracked.

Needless to say, Motorola cannot stop talking about its first ever shatter-proof phone in the world. Let’s see if Moto X Force manages to live up to all the expectations. Watch this space for all the updates

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    Nothing would survive in the hands of an Indian .. not even Nokia 3310

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    Watch vids by techrax and everythingapplepro on youtube before calling it ‘Hype’. ;-)

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    Too expensive for a ‘gareeb’ like me. :-P But tbh, we expect fingerprint scanner with a 40k smartphone.

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    In short droid turbo 2

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    igyaan MotorolaIndia awesomeness overload
    Moto always has something great to offer

  • Abhishek C Raveendra

    If it had Dual front firing speakers and Fingerprint scanner then it would be Perfect Smartphone for the year….