Yu Claims Yutopia can Take on Apple – Opens Registrations

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Yu Claims Yutopia can Take on Apple – Opens Registrations

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Yu has really been going all out with publicizing its upcoming flagship, Yu Yutopia. The phone, also being dubbed as ‘The Real Beast’; first took a dig at OnePlus’ Never Settle motto and now it has taken on tech giant Apple.

Here’s a look at Yutopia’s teasers so far :

Pretty cheeky! Very clearly Yu is referring to the hole in our pockets after we buy an iPhone, while also mocking it’s alleged low battery life at the same time. There isn’t much that is known about the confirmed specs of the phone but speculations suggest that it could include a 5.2 display, 64 bit class Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 backed by a 4GB RAM, 32GB memory with expandability and a rumoured 21MP primary camera with an 8MP front camera.

This phone is making some big promises with regards to its high resolution camera, powerful battery, enhanced display and metal body. Let us hope it’s not all just big talk.




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  • Shahrayar Jamil

    :P rula dia yr slo ne

  • Bijay Vyan Sinha

    RIP Yutopia, take on apple nice joke……….hahahaha

  • Devashish Gulati

    Man I have used Spice and Huawei phones also in the past… But itna ganda aaj tak ni kaata tha kisi ne mera

  • Kaushal Jhobalia

    Another room heater, cooking gas, coming soon this winter to heat up

  • Harshpreet Singh Bhasin

    Rofl Arjun Raina

  • Gurvinder Singh

    Don’t take on Apple
    Apple is great

  • Shishir Gaur

    Bhai gaali de and 2-3 meri taraf se bhiU0001f602U0001f602

  • Rajan Singh

    If you buy a product from a third grade company, stay prepared for such consequences!

  • Rajan Singh

    Only if Notorious Snapdragon 810 doesn’t terribly overheat and spoil the game!!

  • Raghesh Kj

    Another iron box with 810-SoC

  • Manu Jain

    Launch it soon b4 its too late bcoz qiku launched its q Terra smartphones with best features so…… Think it ….??? And will be available to buy by 5 DEC… #yu

  • Shahidul Alam Choudhury

    Guys, YU itna b bura nahi hai… But yeah, may b service centers are..!!

  • Shubham Pawar

    Ashay Kumar… Abb to aankhon se bhi khoon nikal raha hai :p

  • Vivek Damale

    NOOB YU #ThinkDifferent #RaiseTheBar! #Yutopia #YU

  • Sagar Haldankar

    Amodh Naik another one Lynn U0001f602

  • Devashish Gulati

    rofl… I had some fault in my yu yureka… after a month of sir-khapayi and spending hundreds of rupees on calls (turns out Yu’s toll free number is not reachable from haryana circle numbers) they replaced my device… but that open another can of worms in itself, as the replaced device had broken seals (those under the battery cover), has dark spots, over bright pixels, and unusual horizontal texture when I see a plain background on the screen, very dim notification LED, GPS doesn’t work occasionally, and no IMEI number is mentioned in the bill of replaced device… trying to reaching out via only mail this time,mailed them 4-5 times, and its been 20 days since I’ve been trying, with no luck… Tryied contacting Amazon, and they said they cant do anything… I have been suffering ever since I bought this Yu Yureka device, earlier due to software bugs, now due to poor service… and they say they will compete with Apple..!! samjh ni aata dekh k hasu ya gaali du…

  • 15b8bdbbc2114fa

    igyaan sala jemon igyaan temon micromax… Puro gandu….

  • Adil Husain

    Yu chutiya …yu fruad …. It’s all just hype… It can’t even compete with one plus

  • Anuj Chaudhary

    How many time we will register for yuthopia

  • Ramneet Brar

    Link khol ke dekha kya kya likh rakha h

  • Ramneet Brar

    Dig at apple U0001f631U0001f631U0001f631U0001f631U0001f602

  • ??? ??????

    They r just copying marketing strategy of one plus. It just hype.

  • DrDayal Nakum

    Qiku terra 808 lanuched for 20k with q invite amd without invite costs 22k

  • Rohit Kumar

    When will these m*****F*****s(Yu televentures) will reveal the device???

  • Leelaa Akhil

    Is there any news about qiku terra specs and price ?