Morroco Switches on the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

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Morroco Switches on the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

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Morocco has switched on what will be the world’s largest solar power plant. The site near the city of Ouarzazate saw the launch of the first phase of the largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in the world.


When fully operational, the plant will produce enough energy for more than one million Moroccan households, and according to the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) finance group at the same time will help reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 760,000 tons which could further result in an estimated reduction of over 17.5 million tons of carbon emissions over 25 years.

The Noor Solar Complex uses concentrating solar power. It is comparatively more expensive than normal solar panels but also allows for the panels to save solar energy for future use on nights and cloudy days. The Noor Solar Complex currently in its first phase of launch has a production capacity of 160 megawatts but in two years when it reaches its third phase, it’s expected to have its capacity expanded to over 500 MW.

Mirrors installed at the facility diverts the sun’s rays on a liquid, which, when mixed with water, reaches high temperatures of around 400 degree Celsius. The process further produces steam which is used to drives a turbine that generates electricity.

Morroco which currently relies on imported fossil fuels for 97% of its energy requirements plans to bring that down to just over 60% by 2020 with the help of ambitious projects such as the Noor Solar Complex.

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