Xiaomi Launches the Mi 5 in India for Rs. 24999

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Xiaomi Launches the Mi 5 in India for Rs. 24999

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At an event held in New Delhi, Xiaomi has finally launched the Mi 5 in India for a price of Rs 24990 for the base variant.

The phone will feature the Snapdragon 820 processor with 3 GB or RAM and 32 GB storage. With a 16 MP main camera and a 4 MP, 2-micron pixel size, front camera, the Mi 5 will go on sale on the 6th of April.

The price of the phone is more than people expected, as the base variant was supposed to be around 22000, as the Chinese price of the smartphone is around Rs. 20000.

Xiaomi is not launching the 64 GB variant, or even the Mi 5 Pro in India today with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Which is a huge disappointment for Xiaomi and Mi 5 fans. Another let down is the launch only in the white color, with the gold and silver colors not in sight.

Has Xiaomi rushed the launch of the Mi 5 to an extent where they are just trying to fulfil a promise to people, with a price and fewer options than ever before?  Either way, the phones are expected to run out of stock early, unless you can score an F-Code.

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  • Bukhshish Ur Rehman

    Why not lunch in Pakistan

  • Satyam Kumar

    Yeah I know . Company claimed that +3 will be launched between June and July but I don’t think that it will beat S7 edge so m thinking about S7 EDGE

  • Manikyesh Rockzz

    beyond expected price over priced compared to china if it cotinues like this its will loose huge customers ,even its playing with us with redmi note 3 availability of 32gb model,and oneplus three will take its place ,wait for oneplus 3 than mi5

  • Jazz Nagra

    Koe na lyo fuddu phn nu app hi sasta kar dena salya nai

  • Surekh S Nair

    I’d rather go for vibe x3 or one plus 2.

  • Nasar Bangalore

    Mi5 rste is over compare mi3 and othe phones so you must re think abot price

  • Soumik Pandey

    no one will buy

  • David Suhas

    I feel like the price is good for mi 5 pro

  • Geethesh

    When are the youtube videos coming

  • Sam Aercy

    Exactly, SD820 is good to have, but partially there’s no use of such high end proccy for most users

  • Nikhil Puri

    it was expected that they won’t luanch 64gb and 128 gb version.

  • Satyam Kumar

    Why so ??

  • Vï?å? P????

    #Mi5 in india #Rs24999/-
    Price is Very High for indian Market
    #Mi5 not Hit in this Price Range of Other Mobiles
    For More Update Please Like This Page….U0001f447U0001f447U0001f447

  • Mo Asif

    Accha set hai but bhot manga hai

  • simplygovind

    igyaan Come on…

  • Vivaan Raghuvanshi

    Thabraiz UL Aalam bro don’t take nunbers on count ever.

  • Tarun Gavara

    Thabraiz UL Aalam Yep. They’re not same. And tell me how will most people use the extra processing power of the SD 820. There’s no “practical” difference. I expect Mi India to launch a low-end processor version named the Mi 5i probably, with important features in India like the camera, and a below 16k price.

  • Thabraiz UL Aalam

    9rs discount ????

  • Thabraiz UL Aalam

    Sd820 and sd650 almost same!!really???

  • SureshChande

    They have disappointed mi lovers… They always launch those products in india which fails in China…
    And i m nit going to buy this white dabba…

  • Saurav Tiru

    yup :) if u can compromise the camera quality (not much of an issue) u can buy Note 3 which is exactly the same thing for half the price :3

  • Krish Siddharth

    Waste. I Simply skipped the Note 3 and waited for the 64GB Mi5. Now that is not available and a massive 13K more than Note 3 32GB?? Forget Camera and SD 820, we just want a Phone that doesn’t lag and also with a MicroSD – Redmi 3 will do that – or even Samsung Galaxy J7 2016.

  • Jianghao Xu

    Then buy Samsung s7 for 60k.

  • captain_swap

    igyaan a little bit too much 3k

  • NirjanSarkar

    igyaan XiaomiIndia is going absolutely nuts!!! U0001f47fU0001f620U0001f47fU0001f611U0001f4a9

  • Akla Pother Pothik

    price is too high

  • rinku3009

    igyaan chutiya pricing.

  • Vinay Krishna D Kunthe

    Over priced under spec phone

  • Meet Parmar

    Its foolish stupid bogas phone

  • Vivaan Raghuvanshi

    Almost he said and at 12k mi note 3 is more value.
    You are not missing anything except the camera

  • Viraj Jaju

    Overpriced by huge margin..die hard fan of mobiles..but xiaomi at this price not worth it…would wait for op3

  • Akshay Maini

    Just business tactics…. Won’t be able to sell this 3gb version in china so u launching it here.. So once ur stock is done and u have earned enough from fooling indians ul may launch 64gb version to earn extra but yes we know you’ll never launch pro version all that only for china chinese manufacturers ul be let down by indian market very soon
    Waiting op3

  • Fariyal Rasheed

    Not happy with the price

  • Renil Dsouza

    I thought that they would atleast launch the pro version for 25k to 28k. But they didnt..sorry xiaomi no one will buy the 32gb varient in india because 32gb is too little and there is no micro sd card support also

  • Prannoy Ghosh

    Gonna fail like MI4

  • Chetan Sharma

    #overpriced Dumping unwanted units in india :/ -_-

  • Santosh Suryavanshi

    wasted my 2 hours for their flash sale. sare umeed pe pani fer diya

  • Sanjeet Mazaumder

    I’m interested xiaomi mi5 pro but high price some down price I needed 15000

  • Leelaa Akhil

    Literally over priced and all they reply is what they have under hood SD820…as a single reason….

  • NealPandit

    igyaan XiaomiIndia definitely it over priced for 3/32G variant #XiaomiMi5

  • Shantanu Manerikar

    Xiaomi may have some pretty neat phones but after sales is pathetic

  • Midhun Chandra M B

    OMG :-( … lets wait for 1+3

  • Suyash Jain

    Thumbs down..was expecting 64gb variant atleast in this price of 24,999/ disapointment…

  • MadhuSarker1

    igyaan XiaomiIndia even Samsung puts so many new software features on their flagships . it don’t even have micro sd

  • Manoharan Ramachandran

    Two minutes of silence for the people who thought mi5 gonna be under 25k :P

  • Deepak Pal Verma

    Overpriced!!! 5k more for importing..?

  • MadhuSarker1

    igyaan XiaomiIndia 25k just for SD 820 , apart form sd820 it is not different then redmi note 3 ..

  • imkiranwadeyar

    igyaan XiaomiIndia disappointed with #Mi5 pricing..why XiaomiIndia .?

  • Rahul Arora

    flop model of 2016.. j7 2016 is much better

  • Abhijit Kar

    Totally disappointed with the high pricing… :-(

  • souvickc72

    igyaan XiaomiIndia xiaomi will lose there market share in india 100%

  • Abdul Aziz Khan

    Mega flop better buy redmi note 3

  • Sushant Nassa

    Will not rule the indian market

  • Saurabh Sharma

    they launched it 20k in China and charging extra 5000 in India. for a 3GB/32GB with no SD card support, I don’t think it is a good buy.

  • PS_Wazir

    igyaan XiaomiIndia is baar galti kar di….price voh bhi 32 GB ke liye

  • Mayank_Jaiswal

    igyaan 9 rs Igyaan discount U0001f605

  • Mayank_Jaiswal
  • MadhuSarker1

    igyaan XiaomiIndia 5k extra than Chinese version this not fair . why xiaomi ?

  • Sandip Maru

    Better to buy MI Note 3 with metal body and almost same specs at Rs.12000.

  • Kihtrak778

    igyaan XiaomiIndia its 24999

  • sohanreddy21

    igyaan XiaomiIndia very over priced 64gb variant should be given on 25k

  • Veer Raj

    NOT LIKED !!!!
    Too high price.