Leak : Samsung Galaxy C5 is a Mix of the iPhone 6s and HTC 10

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Leak : Samsung Galaxy C5 is a Mix of the iPhone 6s and HTC 10

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Samsung’s previously unheard series the Galaxy C is now picking up steam, with the name popping up in benchmarks, the C series seems to be the promise of an all metal phone returning to Samsung’s stable.

The leak shows a previously unseen phone which has the design of the iPhone 6s and the camera placement of the HTC 10. The handset is said to be running on either the Snapdragon 615 or Snapdragon 617 and Adreno 405 graphics it will also have 4 GB of RAM and a 16 MP main camera along with a 8 MP front camera.


it is a little difficult to understand how samsung wants to place these phones, with already many options available from the company in the mid segment, and the Galaxy A series targeting the Mid-high segment, Samsung may just create competition for itself. The main intention is to take on the large influx of handsets from Chinese manufacturers that offer metal builds and good specs.


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  • Shivkant Bhardwaj

    Only with smartphones’ outlook u can’t compare anyone with such impressive n flagship device…

  • JassdeepSingh

    itz samsung HA series phn (h-htc nd a-apple)

  • Venkatesh Dixit

    But HTC is maintaining good interest in design since the beginning .

  • Venkatesh Dixit

    Yeah that’s true.But they are giving importance to design development after fail of their galaxy s5.

  • Himanshu Jain

    you could say that square camera lens cover looks like HTC one m9,, but HTC 10U0001f636, it’s really far far away

  • Hemant Sawant

    Samsung hv unique design of edge!!

  • Aaditya Rathore

    every smartphone company make phones with android thay think apple as GOD!

  • Venkatesh Dixit

    No variety and very unique design by Samsung. I feel htc is good in terms of design and uniqueness.

  • Sanjeev R Aher

    Wheres the j7 2016 review?

  • Aali RaXa

    Samsung doesnt have a design..same repeated design for all models.. boooo for samsung.

  • Ayush Kothari

    Still S7 is best phone on earth

  • Ayush Kothari

    HTC UI is not so good against Touchwiz.
    Samsung display and Nokia camera , Apple processor

  • Visüzo Rhakho

    I hate android phone with iPhone shape.

  • Visüzo Rhakho

    And spice or fly U0001f602

  • Sayyed Ameer AR Khisro

    It should have been HTC UI,Samsung Camera and Apple shape. The best part of such phone is the HTC One A9

  • Ajinkya Tekawade

    The company motto is just copy

  • Break Ice

    Same phones ..deferent series

  • Ahmad Ali

    Who want a phone U0001f4f1 that have iPhone shape HTC camera and samsung UX…

  • Manav Bhatia

    people like u prefer micrfomax

  • Harshith SV

    Should have come with SD652 SOC

  • Sangamesh Avaradi

    SAMSUNG can not creat its own phone it make just copy and some what cheap which make people to buy that phone

  • RA JJ O

    corer brand samsung

  • Sajjad Zulphekari

    Every phone is a mix of some other phones

  • Pankaj Soni

    thats what samsung do.. copies -_-