Airlines Ban Galaxy Note 7 From Taking Flights

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Airlines Ban Galaxy Note 7 From Taking Flights

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If you still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you may be deemed a risk to lives of everyone else on board. Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Tiger Airways, among many other have banned the use and carry of Galaxy Note 7 onboard their flights till the phone can be fixed by the South Korean manufacturer, Samsung.

Samsung has already issued a global recall of the handset, however, many hardcore Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users have retained the handset assuming no real threat exists.

Following Samsung’s product recall announcement, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices may not be used or charged on board Virgin Australia flights, Said a  Virgin spokesperson.

Samsung PR couldn’t have it any worse after the Note 7 incident. It looks like nothing will look good for Samsung till they can rectify the issue, only if they can do it quickly.

Although it should not be a problem if you are flying in India, it may soon catch on as a trend. You anyway don’t want to be in a sealed tube hundreds of miles in the air, if you phone has been rated explosive.

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  • Ram Gomathinayegam

    Yup rightly said. Just heard it on Singapore airlines flight from Colombo to Singapore and then the connecting flight from Singapore to Osaka. They actually asked them to refrain from charging the device on board.

  • Shyam Dev

    How much note7 in Saudi Arab

  • Dishant Rai

    Priyen Sonawala bc !!

  • Vijesh Kumar

    U0001f602 U0001f602 U0001f602 Samsung U0001f602 U0001f602

  • Varun Bhooshan

    Obviously who will allow hand grenades in flights!!!

  • Amith B Shesh

    Arjun Cunigal lol

  • Vineet Dua

    S7 users asked not turn on phone in flight, no ban !!