Samsung will Include Wireless Earphones with the Samsung Galaxy S8

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Samsung will Include Wireless Earphones with the Samsung Galaxy S8

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The rumours are heating up about Samsung’s next flagship. Apart, from launching a larger variant of the S8 with Pen capabilities, Samsung is trying to recover from the Note 7 fiasco by bundling wireless earphones in the box of the next flagship.

Since Samsung is removing the headphone jack in the Samsung Galaxy S8, it would only make sense to include these wireless earphones, as Samsung fans may not be as forgiving as Apple fans.

This move could also lead to a possible trend of wireless earphones in boxes from other manufacturers. The earphones are expected to the similar to the Gear Icon X earphones, but with more battery power.

Samsung is said to increase the screen to body ratio in the Samsung Galaxy S8 making it closer to what we say with the Mi Mix phones from Xiaomi. Samsung Galaxy S8 will also feature hardware enhancements like more RAM , bumping it up to 6 GB and storage options all the way to 256 GB.

Samsung is also said to be focusing on Cameras and optics, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature some new enhanced optics according to reports.

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