How To : Import Your Facebook Contacts to Google Plus (+) : Step by Step

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How To : Import Your Facebook Contacts to Google Plus (+) : Step by Step

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After getting you an Invite,

And Telling you

How to Setup your Account on Google Plus.


We are now helping you shift your Facebook contacts to Google + .

It is a tedious, process but it works


Step 1. Yahoo Mail

  • Create a Yahoo mail account if you don’t already have one.
  • Login and click the contacts tab.
  • Once in the contacts tab you will be able to import contacts from Facebook.
  • Go ahead and do that.
  • After you enter your Facebook details all your contacts will appear in the contacts tab.
  • Next its time to export the contacts.
  • Click  the Actions button in the contacts screen.
  • Now click Export all and choose the Microsoft Outlook option.
  • Save the file
  • Move on to Step 2

Step 2 : Windows Live Mail

At this point you would want to say to yourself, Why would i need a windows mail account?

Answer : Currently Google + supports contact import from Yahoo and Hotmail. But once you import your contacts from Facebook to yahoo mail, Google plus can’t import them. Same is the case with Hotmail/Windows Live Mail. But with our work around Google Plus will import your contacts, So go on ahead:

  • Make sure you have a Windows Live Mail or Hotmail account (if not get one) 
  • Next go into the Contacts Menu
  • Click Manage and then Click Import




  • Next, Choose  Outlook and import the file you previously exported from Yahoo mail.
  • Now that your contacts are imported in yahoo mail the next step is to add them to Google Plus

Step 3 : Google Plus

  • Log onto your Google Plus account
  • Visit the Circles tab
  • Click find and Invite
  • Click on hotmail
  • Enter your details

You are Done!

You have successfully imported your Facebook Contacts into Google Plus. 
Now go ahead and add people to the circles of your choice and invite them.




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