Micromax A70 will Run Gingerbread + Easy Fix for Video Calling on Fring

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Micromax A70 will Run Gingerbread + Easy Fix for Video Calling on Fring

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We mentioned in our review that the Micromax A70 was not upgradeable to 2.3, after we published that today, we got a call. According to our source Micromax the A70 will run Android 2.3 and there seems to be an easy way to do it. We are trying to get the process and will give a quick tutorial, possibly a video tutorial on how to go about it soon after we have tried it ourselves. 

Also to make Fring Video calls, an easy fix was recommended by one of our readers. All you need to do it fire up Fring,  then quit it , open the camera and switch to the front facing camera, and then reopen Fring, Voila Video calls will now work

Note : if Video calls don’t work : jump into bring settings and make sure video calls is ticked. Thats all , we tested it and it works fine.

This however will not work on Skype, even the hacked version of Skype. 

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Bharat Nagpal

Founder and Chief Editor of iGyaan. Bharat likes to keep on top of technology ! Follow Him on Google Plus : Google+

  • eminemfan

    where is 2.3 update bharath?liar you are a big liar.why did you lied?

  • vishal


  • kumar12345

    My mocromex mex a70 how set 3g setting. Airtel network

  • Faeem Mansuri

    waiting for 2.3 upgrade……………..micromax third class company………..

  • Kst1976

    Hi friends pl.tell me some other method except tethering because Vodafone says for better result pl.make dial up connection, but for that I want micromax a70 usb modem Driver.
    so pl help me out asap.

  • shivam verma

    when this will upgrade to android 2.3 .please tell us fast

  • Raj

    Micromax says “Thank you for your Email, we would like to inform you that the device cannot be upgraded.” 

    Guys PLEASE post the procedure for upgrade, or tell us that its not possible. Not cool to keep us waiting for 5 months!

  • anantshah

    please post how to change Miacromax A70 2.2 to 2.3

  • Tanmaiy Kavade

    There will be no update for a70 as per micromax

  • Android Rocks

    Lol Have you all gone mad!!
    Only android version 2.2.5 is upgradable to 2.3 (gingerbread)

  • siddharth

    MicomaX Plz Bring Gingerbread Upgrade For A70
    It is such a nice phone it only needs Android 2.3

  • Blackanakonda_21

    hey plz send me any link for micromax a70 gingerbread upgrade

  • Does it support 3G video calling?

  • shivam verma

    there is any app for a70 home screen android market

  • shivam verma

    will u send settings for a70 for upgrading android

  • Mahi Nandaa

    please tell me how to root micromax a70.give me a complete tutorial please.

  • Guest

    can you compare micromax a70 and galaxy y?which one should i buy?

    • Kaitlyn_3303

      Heyy…Do you know the Micromax A70 price in Malaysia??

  • Sallu_pune_main17

    anyone tried loading v6 supercharger script on ur phone

  • Tanmaiy Kavade

    Even the latest a85 does not come with 2.3 what a shame…Micromax is useless.

    • Ashwanth11

      it is upgradable to 2.3 version…see the specifications clearly

  • Tanmaiy Kavade

    I think this device is not upgradable to gingerbread so no use of waiting for it be happy with 2.2.1.

  • SSR

    (1) can we get operator based video calling by changing the OS in Android phone?
    (2) is it possible install bada or symbiyan in an android phone?

  • Prabhjot Singh

    waiting for how to update micro max a70 to 2.3 gingerbread… 

    • NT

      have been waiting since mr nagpal mentioned it on 17th aug……but he doesnt even bother to come out with an answer as to when that can happen(if it can happen, that is)….he is just busy asking ppl to join his forum)

  • Rijulzalpuri

    waiting for 2.3 update

  • Mahi Nandaa

    tell me fast how to upgrade to 2.3 we are waiting for you

  • Andy

    “Dear Valued Customer,
    Thank you for your Email, we would like to inform you that the handset
    cannot be upgraded to higher version.”

    The above is the response of Micromax on upgrading to 2.3 gingerbread

    • siddharth

      How You Contacted Them!!!!

  • Rahul

    Hi …bharat…waiting.. when are u gonna uplaod the gingerbread tutorial…

  • NinadC

    Hi even yahoo messenger works [video]

  • Rajeshpravani

    when we get the upgrade?

  • Bharath Raj

    does any one have an idea when a70 will run on gingerbread ? i am waiting from a long time :(

  • Suresh

    i insta;; custom rom aseventy it is good but

    wifi not working….

    so tell me any custom rom for  micromax a70…….

  • Khansrk19

    whenever i download any app? why my fone shows memory full when i have already having 32gb sd card?

    • Jayakarthigeyan

      yours phone memory has become full… you have move the apps that can me moved to sd card and then download… you can do this is in manage applications menu in settings…

    • Shivammittalkota

      you can use appatosd app from the android market……ita paid but gr8 to!!!!

  • Dwsworks

    I am able to make video calls on yahoo messenger, a the day i purchased, i downloaded yahoo, and using the front camera i wsa able to talk to my brother in Middle East on wifi only thing you need to do is first start camera, select front camera, and then make the video call… even Tango works fine on my mobile, for Mobile to PC Calls

    • Jayakarthigeyan

      try re-installing the voice video plugin of yahoo messenger…

  • Val

    I had asked the company if the handset could be upgraded to Gingerbread and got the following answer.
    “Thank you for your Email, we would like to inform you that the handset
    cannot be upgraded to higher version.”

    • Renegade

      Micromax!!!! Do something about the upgrade, else your elevated streak will be wiped out in no time. Remember!!! Samsung has started rolling out their inexpensive Android Gingerbread Smartphones (Galaxy Y and the like).

      Do Something if you still want to be in the RACE… MICROMAX

  • Ssss


  • Raghav

    when u will upload upgrade 2.3 for this phone

  • Blue Jay

    still now you haven’t uploaded the video tutorial for upgrading A70 to android 2.3…….
    please do it soon…

  • Sam SMR

    will this device support Tango Video calling ?

  • Tanmaiy Kavade

    Is there an upgrade to 2.3 for this phone????If it has it will make a huge boost in a70 sales…But mean while people are opting for galaxy y which has 2.3,,,pls get an update for this phone..

  • flixblixclix

    @49f1349d404e17ac22fadb55c0d4450d:disqus ohhhhhhhhhhhhh……. dude……… i just asked a question in smooth way ……y tis much angry on me…….. thaks for ur info……

    • Yogesh

      I am Not angry at all My Friend, 

  • Yogesh

    and one more good news, Micromax A70 is the third most-searched handset: TMI survey

    • Renegade

      Hi, I have been using Micromax a70 for the past 1 month. I am very happy with the performance. But, lately i have noticed that My Vodafone Network  suddenly diminishes. My room mates use the same network and they don’t face such issues.

      Could you please let me know if there is an easy fix, or any solution to this???

  • Yogesh

    @ flixblixclix… What do u mean by branded company. The company becomes brad with their quality of products and in that case Micromax surely earned their brand in thecompetition like Nikia sony Samsung in India, I am using a70 for 2 months and i am verrrry have with what i have got in 7500 rs. Dont expect Glalaxy in 7500 people, enjoy this phone. Its the best android in such a range. Battery is the best battery i have ever used, it works for 2 days. Its huge. and I guess they wont update to gingerbread soon. They mailed me back on the query that this phone will not get gingerbread. Hmm But yes It works perfect with z4root if u r willing to root ur phone, It gets rooted with only 1 click. u dont even need to connect ur phoneto pc, just install the z4root in ur phone and click on root (permanent root and temporary root are the options), thats al, urr phone is rooted in 5 seconds. and again, please dont expect iphone features in 7500 rs, then u will be happy with this phone

    • Sandip144

      Hello Brother Yogesh,

      I need your help to root my A70. I also unable to root my phone with z4root. What is the use of the root? what happens to phone after root? Please mail me if possible on sandip144@ gmail .com

      Thanks for your help.

    • Jayakarthigeyan

      why do we need to root the android phones…. can you explain me and give the link from where you downloaded this z4root…
      my mail id…

    • Aashishkkale

      plz tel me whts root and y do we hav to root

  • Rana_srijan

    can the android 2.3 update for galaxy fit be used in micromax a70 because their processors are same??????????

    • Renegade

      It’s high time Micromax do something about the GingerBread Update. They don’t seem to care about their customers. This is the last time I am buying a Micromax device. The service sucks

  • flixblixclix

    Only one doubt i have is ……. Micromax is good company and whether its a branded company….. this question always stops me to go for Micromax a70 and i turn myself to buy Dell xcd35……. frnd pls tell ….is micromax a70 , a worth and branded mobile or not……plssssssssssssss yarraaaaaaaaa

  • Guest

    Bro i want to bye new mobile and i select two phone

    1. Nokia C5 00 And M’Max A70

    Which one is good for me
    (Note : I am new for Android and old WinGeek)

    Thanks and waiting for your Reply

    • Yogesh

      buy a70 for a change U will not buy anyother phone if u use android once

      • Guest

        Thanks ! i know Andro is best. But What about Micromax ? many ppl say they don’t have good Quality etc. :(

        • Sam SMR

          I been using Micromax Q75 for over a year now and it works simply superb.., serves all my purpose but all it misses is push mail , I need my phone to give me alerts from  my office mail . I recommend Micromax, it is in 3rd position only after nokia and samsung. quality is good, battery is superb, wi-fi is excellent. I will buy A70 very soon cause now I trust micromax, superb build quality, no hassles . A70 is packed with amazing features, Wi-FI, Mi-Fi (pocket wireless modem), GPS, Android Froyo (I guess we can upgrade it to gingerbread) no other phone in this price tag gives you so many features..and with Android my push mail need will also be solved..I will be buying A70 very soon….

  • Tafa

    You can root A70 using z4root.. Working perfect for me.. :)

    • Nileshborkar007

      what is the z4root

  • Yogesh

    I tried to contact micromax yesterday and this is what they have replied to me.. 

    Dear Valued Customer,Thank you for your Email, we would like to inform you that the handset modelcannot be upgraded to higher version.For any further Assistance   and Query you can contact  us on the CustomerSupport & number given below:18605008286You can also log onto our website for information www.micromaxinfo.comThanks & Regards,MMX SUPPORT

  • rupesh kamble

    i got a A70, but i did not get good quality photos even if it has the 5 MP camera. Can anybody suggest how can i get better quality photos from my mobile.

    • A345d

      Check in camera settings, it should set like below

      Exposure 0(Zero)
      Picture Size 5MP

      While taking a photo, keep pressing the click until u see a green rectangle with a beep.

  • rupesh kamble

    i got a A70, but i did not get good quality photos even if it has the 5 MP camera. Can anybody suggest how can i get better quality photos from my mobile.

  • Sandip144

    Can anybody tell me how to ROOT Micromax A70. i am unable to root my mobile to install V6 Super Chargers.


    when will we have the 2.3 update for the micromax  A70

  • Suresh

    how many days we are wait?

    may be one year……

  • Suresh1111111

    upgrading 2.3 means root the phone

  • Rahul ES

    Video calls is VOIP, not using the 3G operator. A good 3G data plan is recommended for video calling using fring.

  • Rahul ES

    You will have to wait for a gingerbread update from Micromax( Dont know if they will release one) or for developers to make custom ROMs based on Gingerbread (like CM) .
    Anyways, Gingerbread update will hve to wait.

  • Suresh1111111

    when will we are wait???????

  • Raj

    Hey, what about the gingerbread update procedure from you guys? Any success?

  • SSR

    Can you please clarify that the Vcalls  you explained through fring is on VOIP or through 3g operator.

  • Rahul ES

    Well, here goes my review.

    -For a Phone under Rs 7000, you cannot ask for more.
    -It comes as a 3g phone with Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS and as such has a lot of applications available.
    -The RAM is 256 MB and the internal memory is about 190 MB but 160MB is available. Rest 30MB is system space.
    -The camera is 5MP “without” flash. The quality is not bad at all. Though the video recording quality is a bit average or low. As said in the review, front camera can only be used with Fring for video chat or for taking pictures.
    -Now, the phone does have a very good capacitive touch screen and feels good when you are using it.
    -The default apps that come are very minimal. A Micromax store app, Mundu TV, Saavan Radio, Docs to Go document reader …etc.
    -About using packet data (GPRS/EDGE/3G), for me, I use TATA DOCOMO, it configured automatically.
    I had no problem at all.
    -Connecting your PC to the internet using A70 as modem is pretty easy. Just connect the USB cable and select USB TETHERING from SETTINGS->WIRELESS AND NETWORK SETTINGS->TETHERING AND PORTABLE HOTSPOT
    -You can go visit the Android market to download all types of apps. An advice that I can give you is “not” to fill your phone with many apps. It will make your phone slow because of low internal memory. Just install necessary apps and uninstall all others (BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT YOU REMOVE)
    -I have played many small games which includes Angry Birds, Raging Thunder, Project INF, Reckless Driving, Ninjump, YooNinja and so… and they all run smoothly. The Raging Thunder game is the only one which was a bit sluggish.
    -About phone heating up, in my personal experience, I found that Samsung phones heat up much more than A70. Comparatively, the heat is negligible.
    -I am yet to find a working ADB driver for the device. The drivers I have downloaded successfully installs but the device does not show up.


    • Rahul ES

      And about upgrading to Gingerbread 2.3, I am also yet to find useful information.

  • Kabir Pahwa

    Igyaan PLzzzzz Give the video tutorial for upgrading it or please just confirm whether it is really possible to upgrade it or not

  • Aruneshtherockstar

    there is no update 

  • Techero102

    SO, Hope the possibility of such an upgrade comes true soon:)But will we be able to make viseo calls using 3g network when upgraded to 2.3 Gingerbread ?Anyone ?

    • Techero102

      And can someone let me know whether LG OP 1 is better or Micromax A70

  • Harshit_kayan



  • Findme Akash

    please waiting for the Gingerbread thingy…and also how does it compare to “HARDWARE” of optimus 1? Please Help!

  • Ajju Aman Sharma

    Sir Please Find way to Update Micromax A70 to Gingerbread We would love to here from you only as we know that  On whole internet only you can do this first so please be on our expectations we are waiting eagerly for fix for A70 to Update to gingerbread 2.3.
                                                                                                                                         Aman Sharma ( Delhi)

  • Gaurav

    hi igyaan
    can u plz tell me how much msgs can be stored in this phone

    and do they transferred to memory card

  • Hello

    i have installed the micromax a70 usb drivers for windows xp and the device is listed under adb interface as “micromax a70 adb intaface” but it still does not shows up when i do “adb devices” on command prompt :( … please help

    • Rishabh

      Be sure that u have enabled USB debugging Mode and disabled modem drivers under device manager . Just use Superone Click ,try running it and see if it shows adb server response there ! As much i know almost all the handset with Android Froyo and above provide adb server query during debugging or rooting the device. If doesn’t happened correctly please sure that interface driver has been installed properly ? Coz whenever i tried to my android phones to connect to my pc in debugging mode , it always ask me to install Interface driver and pick up automatically from driver package that has already been installed

  • Mani

    Hi Bharat .. Watched your full review Video , and this latest update, .. Any news from Micromax.. about upgrading to 2.3 Gingerbread…?

  • karan sadawana

    hey bharat i was w8ing 4 micromax a70 after seeing review i bought it……………can u tell how do i update to gingerbread……..its rooting worth risk….

    • Gopikrishna

      There is no official update available yet date for our cute A70 And even the other update what Barath said about haven’t came up…

    • Rishabh

      Rooting is simpler , Use SuperOneClick to root your device ..NO RISK involve

  • karan sadawana

    hey bharat i was w8ing 4 this phone…………………………..and after ur review i bought a70….can u tell me how can I update it to gingerbread 

    • Navratankumar2

      why we can use as a modem is a70  phone

      • Gopikrishna

        What ?

      • Rishabh

        U just need to disable USB tethering and keep enabled USB debugging mode under Application settings . That’s it ! Using usb tethering , ur cell comes under virtual modem mode in which it acts as LAN interface allowing internet connectivity without doing anything or setup anything in setting. Virtual Modem setups automatically on usb tethering and don’t required to do anything..means u are connected to mobile internet just like LAN

  • Sagarmitke

    plz tell me about this phone how to use 
    or iski battrey kye garam hote hai  yar ???????????????????

    • Rishabhchd18

      Its an Android OS cellphone which is google supported OS means u r fully synchronized with google if u have google a/c like orkut or gmail . All your contacts ,messgaes,tasks,calender,chat and many other things can be sync and backup to internet (google account) . Also its an OS ,so there’s much more fun with apps(Softwares) . To use it ,just experiment and keep searching on google search engine .

      And yes , Android sucks the battery in a single day aur iski battery isliye use karne k saath garam bhi rehti hai .. Iski hi nahi baaki saare Android phones ki bhi garam ho jati hai chaahe wo Samsung ho ,HTC ,SONY Er ya LG ..koi farak nhi padta ki micromax ki hi battery garam hoti hai .

  • Sudhakar Dubey

    swipe works on micromax a70

  • Ash1425

    Hi igyaan, if possible can you share the video tweak? And desperately waiting for gingerbread update.

  • Rahul

    hi bharat… waiting for an update on gingerbread 

  • Aashish

    plz tel me the size of ram and rom of micromax a70

    • Rishabh

      I haven’t bought Micromax a70 yet but as per specifications , it has RAM 512MB means the largest till yet . For more serach on :GSMARENA.COM

    • Rajneesh Gadge

      My cousin bought this after watching the iGyaan’s review. And yeha it have 512MB RAM.

  • Yashpund

    This handset is waste of money better to go with LG optimistic one

  • Abhinavgaur


    • Rishabh

      Hello , i haven’t bought this handset till yet but as im an Optimus user , i can help u in this case . U just need to visit Settings >>Wireless and Network >> Mobile network >>Access Point names>> New APN . Just search the settings from Vodafone official site and put these settings there in New APN . 
      Wifi can be used in 2 ways …as HOTSPOT or Simply Wifi Connectivity. Hotspot can be enabled in Settings >>Wireless and Network >>wireless tethering >>Wifi Hotspot …  under this just make the settings and get the phone available to other wifi device devices as router . In hotspot u will make wifi signal with internet to other wifi devices like laptops or PDAs .
      Just disable the tethering and simple tick “Search for wifi ” under Settings >>Locations and Security settings  for simple wifi connectivity with any router to access internet on ur device

  • Anandbhardwaj

    Sir, is there any way to update it or installl custom rom without voiding its warranty? Can we factory reset it after installiing a custom rom? Please reply sir or just tell yes or no.

    • Rishabh

      Yes, just take a backup of current rom by using software ROM MANGER which is available on Android market . Backup the Factory ROM , install an new custom Rom and if found any problem later with custom rom ,just take a restore of the previous rom ;)

      • Rajneesh Gadge

        But right now no ROMs available for A70. :)

    • Rahul ES

      Installing custom rom is going to void your warranty because you are removing the software that they gave and installing something of your preference. After installing a custom rom, factory resetting cannot retrieve your old rom. You will have to back up your stock rom and install it inorder to get it back

  • Sanjeev

    Pls say an approximate time the update might be available… pls do reply sir…


  • imman

    is it better than sony w8?

  • hrahul

    can we use the front vga cam for video calling

  • Suresh1111111

    it is possible to upgrade 2.2 to 2.3

  • Aadhar Sharma

    need to move all my apps to sd card….bt adb says tat the device not found….if some1 has already tried it….plzz help me…

  • sanidhya

    pls upload the video tutorial to upgrade the OS fast

  • does it supports adobe flash 10.2 in web browsing???

    • Rishabh

      Adobe Flash may not work on this version of CPU because cpu doesn’t support Flash ..but yes u can use 3rd party software which is free to download named : SmartFlash . By installing this app , u can now browse internet with Flash enabled webpages

    • Rajneesh Gadge

      No it doesn’t as it have only 600Mhz processor…. :)

  • Anand bhardwaj

    a lot of thanks sir.. i m an user of this phone. please keep us updated regarding the phone a70. and indian tab sakhshat..
                                                            regards  , anand.

    • Navratankumar2

      you have micromax a70 plz reply me we can use this phone use a modem

  • Vinaycrankhead

    hey could u tell how to tweek the video quality of micromax a70

  • Gopikrishna

    How do that work now and what is the Hack ?

  • Alok

    Can anyone tell me if it supports adb? It could be my devel+use phone!

  • Utkarshpatel002

    Are Micromax phones really worth buying ??

    • Aniketan

      Yes dude. I have an 3g modem of micromax for over an year. Back then 3g phones were rare. My modem worked perfect and without an problem. I ordered an A70 and judging by excellent reviews I say its an right choice.

    • Rishabh

      Well …i am using LG optimus phone ,but want to tell u that Regardless of Brand ,Android plays vital role and as it has been shown in the pictures that there is feather touch for Menu ,Search ,properties and Back keys, not a tick-tick circuitry board . I think it is the best feature and front video calling cam + main 5MP cam autofocus with LED flash is boon to Indian tech cellphones . I would also recommend this cellphone to my one of the best friend if there would be an upgrade  of Gingerbread 2.3.3 available officially or unofficially for this phone . Just due to Froyo i have recommend my friend to go for LG optimus or Samsung ACE . However if Android version doesn’t matter to u and u don’t want to use 2.3.3 features ,just go with this device . It carries Capacitive Touch screen which means Capacitive touch has larger life span than resistive touch and u may get unbeatable quality assurance . Everything is die on the Motherboard , If something would happened wrong ,whole motherboard will be replaced or may not required any replacement lifelong . So these days , OS and features matters when it is not chinese product :)

  • Sanath810

    How is The battery life of this phone?Does it last for about 1 and half or 2 days on average use??
    Do reply asap!

    • Rishabh

      hello Sanath810 .. as i am using Android phones since the launch of eclair , i just know one thing that battery above 1400mah is good enough and doesn’t depend on the brand of the handset . Android keep sucking the battery from its first version and giving battery backup of 1 day only . Each night before u sleep , u required to put cell on charging for the use next day . I am currently using Battery of 1500maH which has hardly difference with 1450mah Micromax battery ,so i can surely tell u that u will get 1 day of battery backup on moderate usage.

  • Bashaali1306


  • Bashaali1306

    can i use SKYPE video calling on Micromax A70?? and did dis phone supports ADove Flash 10.0 and Android market all apps..?? plzzz reply..m thinking to buy this phone 2day

    • Riteshrawat1146

      nop it doesn’t  Support adobe flash as it has a 600Mhz Processor itch is not compatible to adobe flash.

    • Rishabh

      Go with it …but it will not support Skype until u will get Gingerbread 2.3 version installed on this device. Unfortunately , no such update has been available till yet . But yes u can use SMARTFLASH instead adobe flash which is available free on android market

  • Kiran

    really good news..that we all  wanted to hear, pls also try to give video tutorial for upgrading

  • Sarfaraz

    wow gr8 news.. but is it possible that we can make video call on our 3G carriere like idia ,airtel etc..?? on Micromax A70??
    Iis there any video call option like we find in Nokia C6 or most of 3g Dual camera of nokia phone??