Exclusive Insider : HTC Hourglass Coming to India End November for 14,599/- + Extra for Add-ons

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Exclusive Insider : HTC Hourglass Coming to India End November for 14,599/- + Extra for Add-ons

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We have got some exclusive news for those hoping to get in on the HTC Rhyme action (launched earlier today in the US). We have got exclusive inside new that the device will launch in India as early as November 1st week and latest by end November – no confirmed dates yet.

But one thing we have heard since the past 5 hours is the price : we are hearing a 14,599 price at launch ( sounds brilliant for the device.) along with additional 499, 1899, and 2099 for the charm, bluetooth headset and desktop speaker respectively.

Thats more information than we expected at this stage anyway, This info also comes from a very reliable source who has snitched to us since the launch of the Desire HD last year.

Stay tuned for more!

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  • Devilishcindrella

    rs.25ooo ?????????

  • Pagar_pratik

    launch with price tag of 24500rs

  • Babs001

    Guys in U.K  iPhone 4S is costlier than 10,000rs COMPARED to the other countries so this might be possible.

  • Devilishcindrella

    yes plss do update about the htc rhyme!

  • Sharadb4her

    please update about htc rhyme!!

    any news there>>
    launch dates n all!!??

  • Shabucook

    price will be atleast rs.25,000-30,000  because contract free htc rhyme is available in uk  @390 pound ..sharad is right..

  • Sharadb4her

    But 200$ is a 2year contract!!!

  • Devilishcindrella

    but verizon is giving it for  $200 in USA

  • Sharadb4her

    I dont think so becoz Its priced 390 pound in UK(30k in india)!!!!

    You need to check your source twice!!

  • Devilishcindrella

    is it true????? i want 2 buy a phone….so which will be better samsng galaxy ace or htc rhyme

  • Hanu_blr

    it looks like the battery is embaded inside (like iphone)  and its not removable :( Just wondering where is the msd card slot then ?

  • Wahid_d786

    Is this is real or joke ??? Atleast it’ll cost around Rs 18,000 when it comes to the market I think so 

  • Chintu

    its a chick phone…why would you want to carry it and show off inspite of its awesome specs???

  • Ashketchum97

    are you sure about it
    i urgently need aa new smartphone but im holding my purchase till this comes
    tell me if ur 150% sure about it

  • Aruneshtherockstar



    what about sensation xe???