Facebook Messenger Bug Can Leak Sensitive User Information

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Facebook Messenger Bug Can Leak Sensitive User Information

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Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg posted his vision to eradicate the privacy concerns surrounding the social media website. In his article, he claimed that the company will focus on gaining the trust of its users and ensuring better product development. The social media company aims to achieve high privacy standards in the next few years while sticking to all necessary norms at the same time.

About The Bug

A report states that a bug in Facebook Messenger gave permission to websites to access users’ private data, including the people they have been exchanging messages with. It was reported by researchers that the vulnerability was in direct violation of the user-organization privacy policy since the data of the user wasn’t safe at all. Although the issue was reported to Facebook as per its Responsible Disclosure Program, the bug was mitigated via social media. As of now, the bug has been fixed by the company.

Previous Privacy Concerns

Also, as reported on March 5, users blamed Facebook for misusing their phone numbers. As per Facebook’s two-factor authentication, users had to sign up with their phone numbers, which were visible to advertisers. Consequently, a lot of users were being pestered by advertisements from sources they were not even familiar with.

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It is still yet to be clear how Facebook will get rid of the multitude of bugs that are present in the social media website/app. The company states that it will achieve “Whatsapp-like” privacy and encryption in the upcoming months, but with the discovery of bugs almost every week, Facebook might need to step up its privacy checks.


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