Micromax SuperFone Lite A75 Hands On

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Micromax SuperFone Lite A75 Hands On

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We just got hold of a unit of the Micromax A75 SuperFone and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on with the device. Before i get down and dirty unboxing the unit, here are a bunch of sneak peak images for the A75.

The build quality of the device is fairly surprising, its really well built. The overall form factor and shape feels really good in the hand and fits well. First impressions of he unit show that the display is bright and vivid and the screen is very responsive. The device does not show lag or slow down while moving from screen to screen or navigating the menus. The device comes preloaded with Android 2.3.4 and is supposedly good enough for Ice Cream Sandwich, But no official words on that. (We are still struggling with 2.3 on A70). The device is more expensive looking than it actually is. It also comes with unique UI enhancements done by Micromax that make the experience a little better. 

Specs include a 650Mhz processor, a nice 3.75 inch 320×480 capacitive screen, Android 2.3.4, 10.9 mm thickness, 1300 mah battery, the standard Wifi b/g/n- Bluetooth 3.0. Not to forget the fact that this is a dual sim phone, both gsm+gsm.

Most of Micromax’s new marketing and dev team is from HTC so you will start to see some Ui flavor(maybe its because i already know this fact). The device is an excellent add on the the Under 10k list and will definitely make the holiday list of the phones to get under 10k. Wait for the Unboxing video going up shortly followed by a full review.

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  • Samson

    can we connect this A75 to a pc to share internet from the phone to pc?
    is this having a pc suite or something?
    pls reply me at

  • Pinkeyrocks1

    the fone is good,but one has to suffer for itz battery life

  • Ravinorion

    Model no : A75

    Android version : 2.3.4

    Baseband version : MAUI.11AMD.W11.19.SP.V1.F1

    Kernel version : ; cdma-server@cdma-server-desktop #1

    Build number : WBW6501A_0201_V0157

    Custom build version : 1322492588

  • Ravinorion

    Its closed. And not open to customization and tweaking. Same goes with upgrading and downgrading the os. Tried to root it via various rooting wares, but can not.

    Please help if you find any hacking towards customizing A75. Many thanks.


    please tell me which android phone around 9000rs to buy for better android enjoy…..

    • Deep singh

      micromax a75 is best

  • Amitshankar

    please tell me its SAR value

  • hey sir i want to purchase a good and powerfull mobile phone in 11 thousand range
    please suggest me a good phone please

  • Sandy9831

     Please post full review of A75 ASAP……. Waiting for your review.

  • Mychael1986

    what about its talk time hours and standby hours, does the 1300 mAhs battery sufficient 

    • V Borad

      on normal condition 
      Talk time: 5hr on 2G….3:30hr on 3G
      Internet use: 4hr continuous
      stand by: 72hr… normally on dual sim 

  • Samudra bhattacharya

    I am writing this post on behalf of all the users of mmx Mobile who are protesting against mmx as they are not releasing the kernel source codes of android mobiles…android is open-source which means the mobile maker must release the kernel source codes & the users can modify the kernel…all other companies like htc,Samsung, LG etc release the kernel source codes & even give update to latest android versions but Micromax is such a fraud company that they are not even releasing kernel source codes…they are violating gpl & gnu rules( open-source rules)…if mmx release the kernel source code then we could port cyanageon mode in the android mobiles like a60,a70 etc…the cost of the mmx mobile are cheap coz they don’t care to give any customer care & service…after u have bought d mobile they don’t care about their customers…if ur mobile gets any problem(it may be hardware or software) & u go to service center & then 1 thing is sure ur mobile will never be repaired!!!!and if u r lucky enough then only u will get back ur mobile…there are hundreds of cases where customers have given their mobile to service centers but they didn’t get back their mobile even after 2-3months(if ur mobile needs serious repairing then they send ur mobile to delhi,ur mobile can’t be repaired in local service center)…just think wisely, u r using mmx mobile & presently its condition is good but after few months say 6months u encounted a problem in ur mobile & the moment u go to service center then u will realize how pathetic the customer service is(it can happen with ne 1)…that is the reason why their mobile is so cheap coz after sale they don’t care about their customers…we all are requesting the kernel source codes of a70 mobile over a months but they are not releasing it…they did the same thing for a60 mobile…& they are doing the same thing for mobiles a70,a75,a85 mobile…if u dont believe me then check fb account of micromax mobile…
    we have already complained against Micromax to Google & consumer court…we want to aware all new customers about this fraud Micromax…we are advising new customers to spend more 1-2 thousand rupees & buy a good mobile of other brands…if u r a existing user of mmx then we are requesting u to support us & protest against mmx in every forum related to android mobiles…

    • V Borad

      be…, 1st use mmx a75 …, after put comment lyk dis…k!!

    • V Borad

      10,000 bc..

    • Balvinder

      I fully agree with the observations of Samudra.  MMX is a fraud company so far as their after sale service is concerned.  They don’t care about their customers.  Their service centres are not equipped with qulified service personnel.  If you have encountered with any problem in your handset one thing is sure that you are not going to get it repaired satisfactorily at once and definitely you have to visit their service centres or service partners for months together and if you get your mobile repaired to your satisfaction, you will be lucky one.  I have been one of the sufferers.  The MMX mobiles are vaule for money products untill they don’t develop any fault and once a fault is there then only God knows what is going to happen with your mobile and you.

  • suraj hazra

    which is the best a75 or galaxy y or explorer
    plz reply

    • Samudra bhattacharya

      go for lg optimus net… 

    • Deep singh

      htc explore is best but htc is having memory prblm compay give 90 mb of internal memory and 70 mb is already occupied by system and if u download any application from net it can only b saved in fone mmry at that time u will face mmry prblm soo according to mee a75 is gud fone

  • Sudheer

    Waiting for a75 review from past week. I lost my patience. I am going to buy Samsung galaxy y

    • Deep singh

      a75 is fantasic in its class full paisa vasool h

  • Mapatel4u

    A75 internal memory of phone?


  • Suhail

    waiting for the full review as planning to buy in two days….so please upload full review and comparison with Mi 350n

  • Prasanna

    when will u update the full review of superfone lite

  • Ritesh

    eagerly waiting for the unboxing & full review of this phoneTell us about Internel Memory

  • prasad

    pls  give full  specs and pros and cons.  does  it have a gpu? or it neccesary to smartphone to have gpu?   pls  give full review of mmx  a75

  • Nis2307

    Does it have a GPU???
    How is the gaming on this device???& camera quality???

  • Samudra bhattacharya

    hello Sir,
    i am a user of micromax a70…we had asked micromax for the kernel source code…if we get the source code then we can port cm7 in A70 but they are not willing to give it…they are violating the gpl rules…all others company like lg,samsung,htc ect give the kernel source code when they are asked…plz sir help us…sir u have vast knowledge,plz guide us so that we can complain agaist micromax & force them to release the kernel source code of A70…sir i am waiting for ur reply…my email address is
    thank u sir…..Samudra Bhattacharya

  • vijayabaskarank

    Hi Bharath,

    Please tell us
    1) wether it is ARM v6 or ARM v7 processor
    2)How is the battery backup and call quality
    3) Quadrent and neocore beanch marks
    4)Internel Memory, Ram and Rom details

    thanks for all the excellent reviews. Please review this and provide us week end treat

  • Djprats7

    am thinking to buy this phone is it worth plzz upload the full review as early as possible

  • Johnharrods

    WILL WAIT FOR UR RESPONSE………..PLZ. MAIL ME AT  if possible……….

  • Vijay_heartbreakkid

    eagerly waiting for the unboxing & full review of this phone…………………

  • Tapas1995

    do let us know about the gaming capabilities in full video review!!!!

  • Kartik Sharma

    It doest beat new LG dual sim optimus phone.

    • hey,whats exact name and price of the phone you  are talking?can u tell me please?

      • Sameer

        I think he is referring to Optimus NET dual Sim Version… But I think that was never launched in India… 

      • Connect2sujit

        hi everyone , i want to know whether which phone is better between
        LG optimus Net OR lg optimus one OR Micromax A75
        which phone i should by please help me , i m confused between this 3

  • Ray Aroun

    please tell the price value…

    • Roshan Valsan

      Guess it’s around 9k

      • i think its price gonna decrease in sum days… shud we wait or grab it?