ARM Announces New Design For Upcoming CPU And GPU

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ARM Announces New Design For Upcoming CPU And GPU

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ARM has announced new designs for its premium CPU and GPU chipsets. The company that has its basic architecture utilized by most smartphones in the world. The new chipset design architecture will not be seen in smartphones anytime soon. It can be noted that the first actual chips may be seen by the year end, going by past references. Cortex-A77 CPU with Mali-G77 as reported by the company is said to be a more energy efficient and powerful in machine learning processes.

It is obvious with its newer iterations that the new Cortex-A77 will feature an overall bump in performance, but ARM has promised a notable 20% IPC performance improvements over its last generation. The new Cortex-A77 claims to have a significantly better machine learning performance made possible by the company’s hardware and software optimizations.

ARM in their announcement pointed out the fact that most smartphones do not use a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) for machine learning processes. However, the company also argues that 85%  of smartphones today run machine learning through either only a CPU or a CPU+GPU combination and that even the CPU hands over to the accelerator when it is available, even if there is a GPU or a dedicated machine learning chip.

ARM promises with its new CPUs, promise more power efficiency along with better raw processing performance. Arm claims to have quadrupled performance since 2013. Another area ARM has chosen to focus on is mobile gaming and with it mobile VR and augmented reality experiences.

The new Mali-G77 GPU architecture is the first chipset to be based on the company’s proprietary Valhall GPU design that supposedly bumps the performance by 1.4 times, an improvement over the older G76. It is also claimed to be about 30% per cent more energy efficient and 60% faster at running neural net workloads and machine learning.

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ARM offers its very own Project Trillium for the machine learning processor, the machine learning computing platform that works in conjunction with the company’s CPUs. Since the announcement of the project in 2018, the company has doubled its energy efficiency and raised the performance up to 8 cores and 32 TOP/s.

This announcement will set up other companies that utilize the ARM to promptly make optimizations and work around the new designs. 

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