The HTC Sensation XL has been touted as a slow mover, yet its a and hot powered smart phone. We unbox this massive metal device and take a look at the interface. The giant features a 1GHz scorpion processor along with 16GB storage. a 4.7 inch 480 x 800 px resolution on a SLCD display. The resolution is much lower than the HTC Sensation / XE , both of which have a qHD display.

The XL also comes with a Beats by Dre audio engine and in-ear earphones. Which surely are the lime-light features of this device. The device is superbly built and powered by a 1600mah battery. Surprising the phone is priced  at a massive Rs. 37500/-

In front of the Note the Sensation XL seems dwarfed, the screen size, specs everything seems lower, except build quality.

Check out the video below and stay tuned for the full review and complete comparison b/w the Note and XL.