PUBG Mobile Update Brings New Pirate Themed Game Mode With Zombies

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PUBG Mobile Update Brings New Pirate Themed Game Mode With Zombies

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PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer game which is a port of the massively popular game, PUBG PC. The franchise’s mobile game version has seen sensational success which is growing with each passing day. Its success can be credited to the fast-paced action gameplay seen in the battle royale genre alongside it being constantly updated with new features and modes. PUBG Mobile has unveiled its new update 0.14.0 which brings in pirate theme with undead zombies.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile v0.14.0

PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer game which has its operations and revenue tied to the number of people playing the game and purchasing in-game items. However, a player can not simply survive on its great gameplay as it tends to get repetitive. Hence, to keep things fresh, Tencent developers are constantly working on adding new content and game modes. The latest build of the game version 0.14.0 brings a brand new sea-faring and pirate exploration PVP (player versus player) mode with undead zombies as your enemies. 

What’s New?
  • The New Infection Mode: Players can now play the new PVP mode in PUBG Mobile. It’s an infection match where at the start of the game players are randomly divided into zombies and defenders. The objective of the former is to eliminate and infect every human player using firearms and weapons while zombies are restricted to melee attacks. The defender, on the other hand, need to survive the onslaught and eliminate zombies that respawn till the timer runs out. Zombies win if every human is infected or lose even if one human survives.

PUBG Mobile

  • Character System: The new update also brings a brand new character progression system during a match in PUBG Mobile. Each player is assigned a character at the start who carry one skill that is exclusive to the EvoGrounds. Characters can be customized with outfits, voices, emotes and MVP emotes and can be levelled up which give out special rewards as well.

  • Updated UI: PUBG Mobile has also received an overhaul to a few of its menu options. The Matchmaking and Settings are now on the same page and visual effects have been improved.

  • Redesigned Daily missions: The number of Daily Missions are reduced with rewards being adjusted accordingly. Login missions are now random and players can select the missions they wanna pursue 3 times a day from the mission pool.

PUBG Mobile

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  • Improvements and Bug Fixes: PUBG Mobile’s latest update brings numerous quality of life upgrades and bug fixes. Players are now offered an expanded view of item display with improved logic of weapon and vehicle selection. Notably, non-inventory UI functions can not be accessed once in the inventory menu.
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