Build Quality and Design

 looks pleasant and works well
The Lifeproof Nüüd is a case designed to not only look but act rugged. The cover is a complete mix of technology, engineering and design along with several elements of usefulness. The solid plastic center shell is surrounded by a second layer of polycarbonate-esque material which is dived by two layers of rubber seals and specialized O-Rings that prevents water from leaking into the case when the iPad is installed.

The one thing that bothers us is the fact that the manufacturer asks to remove the screen protector (which we didn’t remove) in order to ensure a proper seal with the Lifeproof Nuud, leaving the glass of your iPad virtually exposed to possible scratching / damage. 

The case definitely makes the iPad resemble a tough-book from Panasonic or one of their new toughpads. It is solid, yet not a big eyesore so it looks pleasant and works well.

lifeproof nuud ipad case review 11


Installation and Usage

The Lifeproof Nuud installation process is a tedious one, and requires patience. Ensure that the O-RIngs are in place and the angle of approach to the clips is proper, the seals all clip and the covers are all shut. The process is almost like a flight simulator training on a 486 machine (for those later than that time – in simple words its got a learning curve). Once you are thorough the initial installation you are good to go.

In the box you will get a front and back cover, two O-Rings, 2 x 3.5 mm headphone port cover screws and a extension cable to make the headphone port accessible. There is also a iPad Test unit that is supposed to simulate an iPad for initial waterproof tests, but is a total failure in terms of design and is the main reason to cause frustration to most buying the Lifeproof Nuud.