Hands on with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

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Hands on with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

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Samsung today launched two new devices for the Indian market, the Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear smart watch. Both devices intended for higher end segment of the consumer market, keeping the word “premium” prevalent throughout the launch event. 

The Galaxy Note 3 is the third iteration smart phone in the Note series of devices in the Samsung Galaxy stable, and keeps up with the yearly enhancements. In India the Note 3 is priced at a   hefty Rs. 49900.  for the 32GB variant. Major changes include a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED with a 1920x1080p resolution, a 13 MP rear camera and new enhanced SPen functions : including Air Command, an on-screen portal to four specific features Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window. There’s also a new and improved Multi Window feature, which now allows for data sharing and interaction between apps. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 22

The over build quality appears to have been improved thanks to a warmer-feel back panel, which unfortunately on the inside remains completely plastic. The new S Pen is also sleeker and appears to have been redesigned. The phone is practically as big as the Galaxy Note 2, so really no difference in size, but you do see a difference in screen size and overall usable display real estate. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 12

India gets the restricted version of the Galaxy Note 3 with the Exynos chipset which restricts a lot of features like 4K video recording and LTE connectivity. The only version available in India will have a 32GB storage, while the company also claimed that no other variants will be officially available. 

Samsung Galaxy Gear 10

The Galaxy Gear has a definitive mind changing appeal, the series of images and digital renders by Samsung have failed to show the real feel of the Galaxy Gear. That being said the concept of an added wearable product is still young, and what the market is looking for is a real device not a tethered accessory. The Galaxy Gear is available for a strange price of Rs. 22990, which puts it above the most required space. Most people will be happier buying second devices rather than go in for a Bluetooth Accessory .

Check out the images below and stay tuned for our hands on video, along with unboxing and reviews coming shortly. 

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  • Yagnesh

    FK Samsung India No S800 Variant in india are you thinking we are kid ? and you can steal 50K from us ? lol to your 50k plastic phone good specs but still ppl want premium build quality at this price so go for sony xperia z1

    • Asif Usman

      Bro I just brought Note 3 yesterday in Dubai and its not at all for 50k INR here in Dubai but the Normal price for unlocked international 32 gb Note 3 LTE version here in Dubai is around 43 to 44 k INR but with some bargaining you can get it for around 41 to 42 k INR. And first check the design of Note 3 in real not in videos on youtube then only talk about it, i think it is the best phone design wise after Lg G2 with that beautiful screen just makes your eyes fell in love with Note 3. Most preferably Note 3 is the best phone available in the Market right now.

  • rahul

    people have gone completely crazy and samsung is making the best of it…50 thousand for a mobile phone???…you have got to be kidding me…it makes absolutely no sense to buy such a device…the only reason why anyone would want his/her device to have so much processing power is if they play a lot of games or they do a lot of animation or sound related work or some sort of large data manipulation…no human being would do so much on a mobile phone…people who buy such devices are seriously not thinking at all…there are so many smart phones that are actually smart enough to do all of the jobs you give them at much lower price tags…recently in a survey it was found that only less than 20% of smart phone users use more than 50% of the features provided by their smart phones…dear buyers…please be wise when you buy a device…dont buy a device just to show off even when you dont need so much processing power…you can buy a 17 or 18 thousand rupees mobile…a decent entry level DSLR camera for 25 thousand and give the remaining 7 or 8 thousand for charity…and you will not regret having bought the device…i guarantee you that…please be wise…

    • Sundeep Kumar

      great bro i do have the same feeling when you wont use all the features of the phone then why to buy it paying extra money

  • Lokesh Bharani

    does it do smooth? HD at 60fps ?? and also slow motion hd at 120 fps ?

    will the HMP will be available for note 3 ?


    Is S GEAR free or not ????

    • Arjun wadhawan

      yes man!!!..they will give you 2 s gears when you can make a horse fly,,,

      • I was joking brother. Don’t take it too seriously…….

  • abhishek

    50k is a joke. I can get a laptop for that price.

    • aritra

      that too a gaming laptop!:) dell launched a laptop with i7 proc!

  • ankit

    Waiting for Right price 49990 with restricted chip set not still snapdragon 2.2 GHZ and no 4k Video ….
    better wait for HTC max

  • bhavin

    there is not avalibality of 4k video rec. ?

    • Chirabrata Bhattarjee

      yes no 4K video.

  • Rizwan Azad

    While earlier Note series devices were priced judiciously the pricing of Note III is outrageous and monstrous. A price point of 40-42k would have been quite appealing but I don’t see even an ardant Samsung fan shelling out 50k for Note III, though this device looks and appears to be a very good upgrade of the previous iteration but I think the hefty price tag of Note III will boost the sale of Note II. And by the way why would any one pay 23k for a smartwatch. For that price I would prefer a Nexus4 anyday.

    • system.img

      You can expect a huge price reduction within months of launch. This is the case with most Samsung products. S4 has seen almost a reduction of 8K since a few months of launch.

      I agree about the smartwatch pricing. 10K would have been justifiable. 23K is plain ridiculous.

      On the other hand, the pricing of HTC Butterfly S has intrigued me. What is so special about it for a price of 55K? O.o

      • Rizwan Azad

        Agree with you have said. But even a reduction of 5k-7k will still put Note III against the likes of Iphone 5 or forthcoming 5s.

  • shanu pirangi

    When is the hands on review for this ?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.