Google Revealed Nexus 5 On Play Store Priced At $349

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Google Revealed Nexus 5 On Play Store Priced At $349

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Google’s much awaited next generation Nexus phone, Nexus 5 has made an official online appearance on the Play Store.

This is something official and not a leak, as it was found on the Google Play Store, as the phone was listed on the Play Store might be accidentally or Google wants people to keep on talking about the Nexus 5. The listing of the Nexus 7 was with a price tag of 349 USD for the 16 GB Nexus 5, but after sometime Google removed the listing on the Play Store.

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Previous leaks have showed that the device will feature a new 1080p 4.95-inch display, 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800. However, this information from Google got everyone a glimpse of how the phone looks like and even an idea of what could be its price, at 349 USD which is approximately 21500 INR this phone can be a success when it lands up to the Indian market. The company might globally launch the device on 28 October. The source link below shows the listing for the device but as said the Nexus 5 listing is been removed from the Play Store for some reason.


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  • keekimaru2

    LG Nexus 5 Review
    Google launched its Nexus 5 smartphone globally and much to our surprise, the company redeemed itself for the mistakes it made with Nexus 4 in India by bringing the latest Nexus much earlier than last time around (almost one year).
    The stock Android 4.4 KitKat version is the best way to differentiate between the experience on a Nexus device and other vendor branded devices. The latest Nexus 5 therefore is no different, and gives the experience that Google wants to offer to users on Android.
    LG has flourished under the stewardship of Google for its Nexus devices, enabling it to iron out the flaws they’ve had in their previous smartphones. With Nexus 5, LG has taken the expectations to a whole new level.
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  • NadeemAnsari

    OMG Nexus 5 is official!! Check out the hands-on with full phone specs right here

  • Tushar Chauhan

    Any info on about whether nexus 5 will be released in India by LG or Google?
    If launched by LG, it will definitely cost around 35k INR. Just like the way they did to Nexus 4 in India :(

    • donald

      Nexus 4 was 26k at its only 17k…

      • prashanth

        17k? where it is available for 17k??

    • Anonymous

      Nexus 5 launched on at price between 27 to 29000inr depend on purchase coupen code. Go check now. U will get with earphones too with that.

  • Krishna Nauhwar

    is 2013 nexus 7 coming to india

  • Tech4reak

    global launch on 28th right???

  • anukool

    wat abt release of nexus 7 2nd gen in india

  • Mith

    It will land india by December

  • Karan Khurana

    Won’t launch in India until Mid 2014!!!

    • Prad

      It says global launch on 28th Oct?

      • Karan Khurana

        Nexus 4 had a global launch last holiday season but it wasn’t available in India until mid 2013! India has been known to come in second round when it comes to tech launch. Hoping that google changes the notion though. I am just speculating!

  • Hemanth Dasari

    will it come to indian market ?

  • Milind Shah

    any idea about the giveaway?