Samsung Galaxy Fit Hands on + Unboxing Video

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Samsung Galaxy Fit Hands on + Unboxing Video

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Here is the second in Series for Samsung Devices the full Unboxing and hands on Video

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  • Sham

    hi i have taken samsung galaxy fit :) am not able to forward the messages  which from one person i recived to another… pls help

  • Rebel01 Nilesh


    I have been looking for an entry level android device for almost 2 months now and have finally zeroed on either HTC Explorer or LG Optimus Net.

    Please suggest which one to buy. I have been waiting for a full review of both the devices for a long time now and there doesnt seem to be one on the web. Also if there are any other options in that price range then please suggest them too.

  • Nitish Sharma

    hi! i m goin 2 buy samsung galaxy fit after 2-3 days so… plz tell me abot its battery as compared to galaxy pop gsm, and also that it can be ugradable to 2.3 gingerbread or not…..??

  • pranithkumar

    Hello sir,thanks a lot for t review its realy gud i found out abt tis mobile cuz im a very prickle minded fello….but im somhow intreastd very much in tis mobile….im planning to buy it soon….no probs atal in many of t reviews i went through….but a small request i love to watch movies on mobiles but cudnt till nw cuz due to low vedio support my present mobile does(nokia x2-01) nd im nt gting t proper format also….i hv seen in galaxy ace tat it supports direct pc format of vedios which is “avi”…is it even avalable for galaxy fit…..plz let me knw…..nd tats abt it….no more probs…thanku….

  • Guru Hosur1

    Can i know hw to zoom in the camera

    • Jsjatin01

      Go in setting and reduce the resolution then u will be able to zoom using volume key.

  • Yash633

    please tell how to change sound mode in music from normal to others in samsung galaxy fit!

  • darshan

    which phone is good to buy if my budget is of  rs.10,000-12,000??????galaxy fit or other phone???

    • Ganesh

      instead of investing money in  galaxy fit available at 10.5k, u can buy xperia mini which is available at 12-13k?.it has 1ghz processor whereas fit has 600mhz, infact galaxy fit has some issue on gaming as it does with it’s processor.

  • Manish0382

    has galaxy fit the option of video calling???????

    • Ganesh


  • if camera is not of much importance which one would u suggest samsung galaxy pop or galaxy fit

    • pranithkumar

      well galaxy fit is better….cuz u may change t android 2.2.1 to 2.3 which is gingerbread….nd naturaly ul gt more features than in galaxy pop….t screen responce is much better in fit…..nd i tink u shud go through t mob urself cuz its better tat way……i hope my small stuff is usful to u….all the best i love t mobile a lot nd decided to buy it soon…..maybe by december ilgt myself  galaxy fit….its real gud one……

  • Hamskies

    does this phone have gorilla glass?

  • Zzzjosh123

    Pls review on battery life

  • Chawlaforever

    can u tell me the names of some games which can smoothly run on galaxy fit??

  • Uday

    Thanks a lot for the reviews.. It’s really helpful to know the details of the mobiles before we buy one.. But having these many options really confusing me which one to choose.. I am confused in choosing one among Samsung Duos B7722, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Wave II..

    • pranithkumar

      i cn understnd ur confusion….i dont tink its easy on telling a gud idea…..but its better u see t reviews of galaxy fit,ace nd wave 2…….ace is avery gud one actually a few of my frnds use it nd its awsome,nd t touch response is very smooth…..nd fit ofcourse is a very sterdy mobile phone nd according to me has a better look than t ace….i dont knw much much about t wave 2….wave 2 has a very sleep body…well it depends pn how u wanna t mobile…nd depends on ur budget too…..anyways just watch out t reviews of t three mobiles nd try to have a direct contact on t mobiles so tat u cn knw it better…thanku

  • Jatin

    my budget is around 10500, i want a 2.2 andro, smart phone. Which phone would be suitable for me……?

    • Kiranbh16

       galaxy fit is a good suitable phone to ur price jatin

    • Yash641

      samsung galaxy fit!

  • Jatin

    what is the current price of fit….?

  • ganiugs


    i am facing problem with youtube videos in galaxy fit, its downloading very slow, any resolution

    • nag arjun

      Hi.. It happens because of the hd mode in it.. I know even the ordinary mode makes no big difference.. The solution for this is you, can download youtube lite from android market.. It reall works.

  • which one is better lg optimus one Vs fit

    • ankit

      lg optimus is the best

  • wch is better?? galaxy fit or galaxy gio….

  • Rufusj89

    Any ETA for video Review of Fit / Ace ? Looking forward to those !!

  • Afzalqureshi88

    during the review please tell us what is the max resolution of video(avi or mkv) playable by these samsung phones(especially galaxy fit and pop), by their inbuilt player or rockplayer

  • Dhcool_1993

    wen is the comparison video between ace and fit gonna cum up ?

  • Soham Aikat

    waiting for the full review of galaxy fit
    want to which one is better galaxy 5 of fit?
    and the video formats the fit can play

  • Dhcool_1993

    ace video review ??

  • I would also love if you can benchmark the Android phones in the reviews.

    Quadrant Standard Edition is one such app used to benchmark.

  • Please do a complete review of Galaxy Fit. And also try to compare the display. I saw in the Galaxy Pop the fonts are pixelated esp. in the browser.

    Waiting for the detailed review.

  • Rahulmathur

    Galaxy pop review nd unboxing ???

    • soon enough!

      • Ravipanai

        hi bharat,
        plz do unbox & review ace as well, since i do own it from past few weeks but though i wanna listen some expert comments on it
        i seriously going in big troubles with battery backup & hang-up glitch, i was 1st flattered with d iphone typo look samsung gave, nw heading in deep after effects, plz!! plz!! do wanna hear from ur side

        also have a question…
        in a mood to switch with some MWC 2011 spectacles, like some dual core breed cellphones, have any deep idea when they’ll be launching in INDIA??

  • please cover galaxy sl i9003 too …