3 Ebook Reading Apps You Should Get Now!

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3 Ebook Reading Apps You Should Get Now!

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Books are an essential element of our lives and a lot of us still like to read for pleasure. Eventhough it’s really hard to recreate the feel of a physical book many apps promise the next best thing. We find out which Ebook reading apps give book lovers might feel comfortable to switch to without emptying your pockets on tablets or ebook readers.

Lets understand the formats first. Epubs are a great way to read books as they have fluid movement which helps to optimize the content according to the screen on which it’s being used. PDF on the other hand is more widely known and used document more rigid as it’s designed to keep the document intact and hence requires zooming in on smaller screens. If you have a library of PDF ebooks that you would like to read on your mobile, there are many websites which offer free conversions to EPUB so that you can have a comfortable time reading them.

  1. Aldiko Book reader: This is a great one stop solution for book lovers. The reader gives you some of the classics bundled with the app. Apart from that the best part of the app lets you import Epubs from your personal collection. The app is to reading books as VLC player is to listening to music and videos. There are multiple ways to sort your books and categorize them according to titles, authors, date last read, ratings, etc. Apart from these it also gives access to the feedbook store where you can buy the books or choose from the huge free library.
  1. Amazon Kindle App: Unlike the Aldiko, you need to make an account with Amazon to access the Kindle app. But with that comes the access to Amazon’s Kindle store, the biggest library on the internet. The UI is empty after installation and you need to find the books which you want to read in the kindle store. The app is great for Kindle purchases for folks who don’t want to invest in a real Kindle fire.
  1. Moon+ reader: This is a great Epub reader with amazing customization ability. There are options for horizontal and vertical reading, options for 3D page flip animations, options for highlighting, adding annotations and an option for installing a dictionary. The app also helps you take notes which will be helpful for academics on the move. Moon+ also supports EPUB3 through which it can play multimedia contents(video and audio). Also the app helps you chose themes to recreate your own personalized reading experience.
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