6 Things To Make Your Daily Social Networking More Productive

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6 Things To Make Your Daily Social Networking More Productive

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There is no doubt that social networking is the thing of our generation. Moreover with the growth of social network there are an impeccable amount of sources and opportunity. Twitter is on track to hit 500 million accounts by February. At the same time, Facebook is looking at hitting 1 billion users in August.

And it seems as if every day there are profusion of achievement stories of how people found a job through Twitter, how they found new clients or speaking gigs via Facebook, or connected to new people to expand their network. So the profit from using social networks proficiently are extremely powerful. Yet building up your personal brand through Twitter and Facebook is often a hard and overshadowing task.

So here are some tips to make your daily social networking more productive.

1. Like Maps


The great bit about having a social network that reaches over a billion people every month is that you can find all kinds of interesting information using data users share. That’s right, I’m referring to none other than Facebook, besides sharing bathroom selfies, Facebook is an awesome place to effectively promote your business in many powerful ways, one of which is the ability to attach the physical address of its location. Many pages we like on Facebook may have a physical address, but Facebook doesn’t offer a way to locate them using an interactive map of sorts. That’s what “Like Map” has tried to do, a web app that enables you to find your liked pages or search for new ones using the Google Maps API. Not only does this let you use Facebook as something like the yellow pages for finding an address, but it also makes it very easy to find other places close to the ones you’ve already visited.

2. Frequency


Frequency is a personal video service that lets you watch videos from anywhere on the internet in one place. Frequency turns the best websites and social media sites into video channels, gathering all the videos you love in real time. You’ll find videos from all of your favorite sources and all the videos your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. You can just sit back, get some popcorn and watch you whole news feed comfortably lying on your bed.

3. Jumptuit


With so many cloud storage services and social networks out there, it can get fairly hard to manage them all. Many of us try to be everywhere at once, while others need a unified place where they can easily keep an eye on their virtual presence. If you’re looking for an easy solution to consolidate your life on the cloud, Jumptuit is a new cross-platform service that aims to help you organize, move and copy files between multiple cloud storage and social media services without much hassle. It boasts a decent interface, offers a ton of great features, and supports multiple mobile and desktop platforms. Jumptuit allows you to connect a ton of different cloud and social media services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo, Box, YouTube and more. Once that is done, you can easily move files from one service to another, or access the same content from multiple devices thanks to the native apps available for supported platforms. It even has a web interface that can be used in any web browser on your mobile or PC.

4. Tweetbits


Nothing beats Twitter when it comes to micro-blogging. The service has proven to everyone that much can be said in 140 characters, and the ability to gain a strong following online is very much plausible for anyone who puts the effort into it (you might have heard of them Twittelebrities). Twitter fame aside, letting you organize your favorite Tweets isn’t exactly a strong point of Twitter when it comes to its native features. And if you’re one of those people who love favoriting one tweet after another, you would know how tedious it can become to find a particular previously favored tweet from the list at a future point. Enter Tweetbits – a third-party web app for Twitter that lets you organize your favorite tweets by grouping them in custom categories.

5. Mypermission Cleaner


Every time we get on the internet, we put our privacy at stake, owing to the fact that the very services we heavily rely on are leaking our private info to third parties. That the data is mostly mined by marketing companies for advertisement purposes, or lately by intelligence agencies like NSA for mass surveillance of internet users. Though recently, a new breed of personal data collection has emerged in the form of app permissions. If you’ve ever used cloud services like Dropbox or SkyDrive and social network such as Facebook and Twitter, and have linked one of your accounts to a new web app, you might already be aware what app permissions are. MyPermissions Cleaner is a web service with a Chrome extension and apps for iOS and Android that lets you quickly clean up any previous app permissions of web apps that you may have granted during sign up process. MyPermissions Cleaner automatically scans your major online accounts on services like Google, Facebook, AOL, Dropbox, Microsoft, Instagram, Flickr etc. and lets you know what apps have access to your personal data, allowing you to manage these permissions under one roof, as well as revoke the ones you don’t need anymore.

6. Cortex


They say sharing is caring, and in today’s modern society, the internet is the best resource to gather and share information with others. Therefore, people are constantly engaged in sharing pictures, photos, videos and other form of media through social networks and other content sharing services.  But if you still find it hard to instantly share any type of content with your friends and others on social media, and use Google Chrome as your primary web browser, Cortex is probably one of the best extensions to help you tackle this problem. It lets you share photos, videos, news, blog posts, graphics and other type of links to a wide array of networks with a single mouse click. Cortex supports pretty much every popular online sharing service as of this writing, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper, Pocket, Gmail, Backplane, Postrous as well as Share to all. In addition, it allows you to share almost any kind of content you come across the web.

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