Top 5 Phones Most Likely To Run The Android L When it Launches

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Top 5 Phones Most Likely To Run The Android L When it Launches

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The Android L is one of the most comprehensive updates to the Android operating systems. Google went down to the rudimentary pieces of the OS and reimagined the functioning of the Android system. Now as everyone is eagerly waiting to take a spin on the Android L, we bring a list of phones that will be the first to get the L update. You can buy these phones today as they are all future proof.

So here we go:

5.Samsung Galaxy s5

Galaxy S5 review 14

Samsung’s present flagship will be the first to get the Android L release in the Galaxy stable.

4. LG G2/ LG G Pro2 /LG G3/ LG G Flex

LG G2 Hands On 8

LG in an exclusive conversation with iGyaan hinted that they will release it on these four phones once Android L hits the market. These phones are already LG’s best sellers and they would be a good bet for now.

3. Moto X/Moto E/Moto G

Moto X 0

As Moto’s awesome revival is dedicated to Android based X, G and E, these phones will surely get updated to the latest Android L. They will be the first phones after the Nexus devices to get the updates.

2. HTC Flagship


HTC is the most eager company to induct the Android L across all its Blinkfeed running devices. This is a great news for current HTC users. Phones like HTC One M8, M7, the One Mini and the HTC Desire line of kitkat phones will be the first to evolve into Android L as soon as possible.

1. Nexus 5 – Developer Preview Out Now

Android L 0

Nexus 5 already has the developer preview out for Android L and Boy, does it look good. We’ve been having lots of fun with the L and you can get it right away too. Even though its a beta testing version, its still very stable, has brilliant performance and excellent battery life thanks to Project Volta.




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  • AnishTechie

    What about Z1..
    I am waiting android L on Sony’s best smartphoe..

  • Love_Rizwan

    And Note III? I mean do guys believe Note III will not be getting Android L update? Or it will not be getting in the initial batch of update? Oh! Come on iGyaan.

  • SumedhPawar

    will micromax canvas gold get android L update…..?

  • MoinKhan

    will Nexus 7 2012 get Android L…..

  • Nishant Thakur

    Great! Nexus 5 user.

  • Ganesh Nayak M

    very good compilation and useful info..thanks.

  • Ankit Kumar


  • Shivam Naik

    Note 3, why have everyone ignored The Best???? cammon..

  • Vinay Nb

    yeah………… #lovemotoX

  • Arunkumar Mahendran


  • SagarRAo

    what about note 2 wll get andriod L..????

  • Ankit Kumar

    yeh…..motorola rocks….#moto_g

  • VimalRockin

    A.Big.Update. and Android Latest Version Beat the Apple OS!

  • Nishant Masoom

    Lollipop bola nahi ja raha tabi to L L laga rahi hai :D :D

  • Abhi Bhat

    all mediatek phones … i guess

  • AmOghGupta

    and how to update the android ??? on moto e

  • AmOghGupta

    thats preety gud but when on moto e updates will come and how it looks after update????
    And I think next android name will be 5.3.1 which is rasmalai update in India :P :P so thnx

  • Shreyans Kasliwal

    I will get the update..!! Yay… A moto-e user

  • Jaimin Panchal

    Nexus 4….?no news for android L update on that one…

  • Dey Anand

    U missed nexus 4 !!

  • Inder Mohan Singh

    U missed samsung galaxy S4 i9500

  • Sagar Satamkar

    i think nexus4, g s4 n tab 3 & 4, gionee & oppo series, n why didn’t u mention sony z series ? ; the name must be lime pie,lemon pie or lollipop…… ladoo 4sure..!

  • Vinay S Pujari

    yup i agree. But OPO will also get it. main reason being the CM11S,
    Opo has also assured of providing updates for 2years.
    And everyone knows hw fast is cm

  • Arjun Singh

    they are just new in ANDROID FIGHT and wont getting android l immediately after releasing i m surely can tell u that ………… nexus devices first to get full version ……………. second MOTO as they using un modified or original android or vanilla android ………………. third would be LG and first is optimus UI among all famous android UI like HTC SENSE and touchwiz

  • Arjun Singh

    LADOO is the best ….lol ………….. every excited after nexus devices started rolling developer version …………. also excited because my phone listed to get Android l …………#LGGPRO2 …………… and although lemon tart sounds awful …….

  • Deepak Dhaka

    Nishant Masoom

  • Prem Kalantri

    Can u check and tell me whether the onscreen notifications be turned off on android L !!

  • jazzsaini007

    what about nexus 4 :O :O

  • Satya Prakash

    What is minimum requirement of android l update to run in android phone

  • Vinay S Pujari

    u missed oneplus one